"Looking Back"

I sat in my favorite little tidal pool....taking pictures of the shoreline in front of me. One of my favorite views this little pool is only here in the winter and a few weeks of summer. I know the time i have in this space is limited...and then this view i love so much will change until next winter. I just happened to turn around...to look behind me. I was NOT alone anymore.... Mother Nature, one of the only places "LOOKING BACK" can be just stunning!!


How lovely to spent some alone time like this and have a turtle visit you.

When you say its only there in winter, does it mean that in summer the sea doesn't puch into it because its calmer?
Leilani Tresise said…
Yes Fire the tides become lower the wind blows the sand from down the beach into the little pool.... it fills with sand and sits there till Dec January when the big waves clear out the sand =)
So true. Often the best photographs are in the opposite direction. Thank you for the reminder and the beautiful turtle photo.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for this glimpse of paradise.

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