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For the first time in years I was not in the water at first light Saturday morning. I went to the very old Waioli Tea Room for breakfast with good friends. The Waioli Tea Room sits in an area known for it foliage. Its been there since 1922. Great place, good food, VERY different from the Ocean. The green beauty of this place erases all thoughts of the drought we are in.. The word Tropical was invented just to describe a place like this... I am a tropical island gal =0D......


I glided into the water, when from shore, I saw the familiar shadow of a passing turtle... no splashes, it scares the turtles. I scanned the water with my goggled eyes waiting for the turtle to appear ... what a wonderful sight, a beautiful turtle flying toward me without a sound. The water so clear and blue . I snapped a picture... It only took me a second to see it.. A HOOK impaled into the right flipper of this beautiful turtle. My breath caught in my throat and even though I was wearing a snorkel I had to lift my head out of the water and breath! " OH NO , he's hurt!". I put my head back in the water and swam after the turtle... I dove down and gently grabbed the line that was threaded thru the hook.. he allowed me to bring him to the surface. He was scared, I was nervous. I could hurt this turtle. My camera now stuffed into my suit, I held him to my chest with my left arm and gently grabbed the hook with my right hand. The hook was in his flipper deep! "OH NO&qu

Gloriously Dry?

The days have been absolutely beautiful! But amidst all this beauty there is a BIG concern here in the islands.. We are in a serious drought. The oceans blue beauty masks the fact that the islands of Hawaii need rain badly! Its fun to sit and swim in the sun but how Glorious would it be if the trees turned brown? The oceans magnificence is balanced by the cool clean waters of the rain...fresh water that quenchers our thirst and puts buds on our flowers! I will keep you posted .....

A First!

I was surprised how nervous this guy made me.. Everytime he moved I MOVED! NOOO its more like everytime he moved i felt a heartattack starting!! =0D Im going to continue to visit this rock and get a better picture. This is My very FIRST picture of an Eel =0D I am an island gal.....

Summer is Really Here!

The sun rising early in the morning screams SUMMER~~~~ The clear calm waters of the Bay~~~~ Warm Water just a delight to swim in~~~ Boats in the calm waters of the Bay~~~ Yup Yup Summer is really here!

Morning Beauty

The early mornings and the Ocean are priceless. There is only one picture in this video I made that was taken at sunset.. The rest......... morning beauties!! I often sing this song while swiiming... I have had the gulf oil spill on my mind constantly.. Is my need for oil more important than the beautiful blue of the sea? The song plays again after the pictures stop.. i think i goofed=0D I am an island this place that i love.