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Right Out My Front Door.

All these sunsets were taken from my front yard over the last 2 weeks... It is plainly evident that I have been looking in the wrong place for color in the sky. All those sunset trips to the beach and the most color I see in the sky is happening right out my front door! I am an island gal......

Spring .. Let the Waiting Begin.

I was standing in the sun but soon those dark clouds were over me dumping rain so cold it sent scores of people flying up the beach for shelter. And so it is here in Hawaii, its called duck in and duck out...rain one minute, sun the next. Winter is not quite ready to leave us on land. BUT.... The Ocean tells a different story! The water is warmer than the rain, and she is clearing up. The snow storms under water are becoming lighter and as you can see the BLUE is incredible! My goal again this year as in the past 3 years is to get dolphin pictures right where this turtle is! Wish me luck, this is very shallow water. oh, but the pictures would be magnificent would they not? The dolphins will be here soon, passing the Bay and at times entering the Bay in joyous harmony...I am delighted .... Let the waiting begin!


From the Big Island of Hawaii...our youngest island where the volcano erupts and the cowboys still roam... Paniolo Hawaiian word for cowboy! A friend of mine took this I had to share it! ... Only in Hawaii..

Rhythm of the Ocean...

There is a rhythm to the ocean... Tide in ... tide out... I knew if I sat for awhile in this small shoreline pond, turtles would appear. Sure enough, soon they were there. I watched two visitors to the islands walk back and forth on the shoreline. They had no clue there were turtles right in front of them. Turtles blend in so well that many many people miss them. I hauled myself up over the rocks and said , "HI". I saw the look on their faces.. "ot roh a LOCAL!.. we've been warned about the LOCALS"....I smiled and said," There are two turtles right over there in that pond". SQUEALS of delight burst from them! I could still hear their delight as I left. There is a rhythm to the Ocean..... I am an island gal...........

How Did I Get Here?

I asked myself this question over and over as I sat on the cliffs of the East coast of Oahu watching the sunrise. A woman who at one time was afraid of practically everything I now scale these cliffs alone, eager to see what the sun brings with it. It took awhile to get here I know that, I just don't remember the details. Maybe just maybe if I did remember the details I would not be where I am... Here's the amazing thing... it used to be just me up here... after I took these pictures I turned around... there were 8 PEOPLE BEHIND ME! lolol.... guess i wasn't the only one wondering, "How Did I Get Here?" Life is for living... I am an island gal.....

Adventure or Nothing?

"Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing." ~ Helen Keller I had to share this quote! What a wonderful adventure this planet gives us!! I am an island gal...