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Hook and Line Free!

It happened again... Warren is fishing and he snags a turtle. He removed the hook and released the turtle back into the ocean. The Dept. of Land and Natural Resources {DLNR} wants you to cut the line. Warren thinks we should remove the hook and line ,so thats what he did. If the DLNR guys would of seen Warren removing this hook he would of gotten a $5000 FINE!! I tell you, I think some of our laws make NO SENSE. Well, i am glad this turtle is HOOK AND LINE FREE!! I am an island girl..........


The View

As a Native Hawaiian I have been here many times. I have spent hours sitting and thinking. Rock upon rock , sits one on top the other, built by my ancestors for a place of worship and festival. The word Kapu, means well "Not Okay" "dont do it","Keep Out".E Malama pono ka po'e Hawaii, means Take care of or be mindful of what you remove from Hawaii. LOL, There are stories of visitors taking home rocks and sending them back because all kinds of weird things start happening. The whole place is so peaceful, so in tune with nature that time passes very quickly. BUT thats not the best part about this place. The best part? ITS THE VIEW!!!! LOL. It looks like the ancient Hawaiians liked to see who was coming and going on the island. This view ,along with the quiet of the place just soothes the spirit! I am an island girl...............

Fish Out of Water!

Not too long ago , while gazing at the overpriced food on the selves in the market, a friend and I who have known each other for years at the beach, walked right by each other. The problem ? Well,away from the ocean, not in a swimsuit, i didnt recognize them wearing every day clothes!! Many of us laugh about it at the beach, because the common, "OH HI, I didnt recognize you with your clothes on" greeting, gives way to some strange stares by other shoppers !! This week my fiance Warren had a work function to go to that required he wear a suit. I had to take a picture because you talk about a fish out of water !! Warren the beach guy did look pretty good in a suit i must say. I imagine his fishermen friends would of walked right by him! Thats a picture of my daughter Rayna and I in the bottom right corner.

Four- Legged Beach Bums.

You can tell a dog that lives near the beach or is brought to the ocean on a regular basis by his owner. They just like us, love the ocean, the sand and the sun.This guy was so happy on the beach today! One thing about dogs if they are happy you know it! Tail-wagging, all four paws off the ground, leaping for joy, beach Bum. LOL they are a sight to watch !!


I came around the corner of this rock to see a turtle eating LIMU ( LIMU is the hawaiian word for seaweed). Limu is eaten here on the islands in all kinds of dishes, so I thought, "Oh ,I'll join him for lunch." Right then a wave came rollin over us, and the turtle and i collide. He was real patient with me,after we straightened up, he looked at me as if to say, You Paparazzi are driving me nuts! My finger must of snapped a picture during the collision, because I got a pic of his fin getting ready to smack me in the head. LOLOL.... i am an island girl.


The North Shore of Oahu is known as "The country". Compared to Oahu's Waikiki it is a WHOLE different world. I stopped for gas yesterday and this was the scene I was lookin at while pumping gas. I love the North Shore, beautiful beaches, beautiful scenery. I had hit the beach early in the morning and was delighted by the biggest turtle I have ever seen !! He was magnificent!.... the ocean has MANY surprises !!.... I am an island girl

Clearing up !!

The Bays water is clearing and if there is no major rain , the water will continue to delight us!! I call this turtle, Hook. he is a regular at the Bay. I need to call someone in the game division this week. He has had a hook stuck in the side of his face for awhile now. The problem is catching him. If he can be caught, im sure he can be helped. BUT there are people who do this. just anyone catching him could hurt him further!! I will keep you posted.

Here from the Beginning

I was having one of those , "WHATS wrong with the humans on this planet" days, when i came across this plant with a sign naming the plant. It says, "Kipukai Seaside Heliotrope". Growing in the cracks of the rock on the edge of the seaside cliffs, this plant is an indigenous plant, meaning it was growing here from the beginning of civilization on the island. It wasnt brought here, it has lived here . That little sign speaks volumes. It says to me someone cares !! The island of Oahu has very few plants left that are indigenous. Like most things that are extremely good this sign does not say who put it there !! God Bless the person or persons who put this sign there. It could not of been easy. My foremost thought while taking this pic was , LANI, please do not fall on the plant and kill it !! LOL... i am an island girl.

Milky Water

For us regulars the Bays continued dirty water is beginning to affect our brains... Taking pictures of myself is one way to vent frustration. I can agonize over my awful picture and forget about the milky water.