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Million Dollar Question.

I carry a pair of Binoculars during the rough winter months. I stand and scan the shore line looking for the elusive Hawaiian Monk Seal. I run into alot of turtles this way and this guy was no different. Basking on shore, safe from the rough winter water and lava rock shore line this guy was "out like a light". Turtle van Winkle so to speak. I had to walk quite a distance to get to him so I just sat and waited, I was there for pictures of the sunset. I sat a fair distance from this turtle for over an hour... Not once did I see him move... I remember thinking at the time, " Boy, that's one tired turtle!". AHHHHHH but my camera saw something different ! This guy lifted his head Twice.... Here's the million dollar question? What made this "Turtle Van Winkle" lift his head not once but twice in the hour i was there and when i wasn't looking at him? I am curious to know what you think!

Ying and Yang.... New Waters..

A FEW DAYS before the medical spill that just trashed the little beach I call Heaven.. I found a new place to swim.. I found it by accident, which seems to be how really good things happen in this life. Its too rough to go in this little cove right now but at the crack of summer.... i WILL be in that water! I will be sure to keep you posted... the water looks amazing even in the roughness of winter.. I am always always aware of the Ying and Yang of life.. For every good there is a bad... For every bad there is a good... The little beach I call Heaven will have to wait while the ocean cleans her.. meanwhile, I will slip into the new waters of a beautiful beautiful place. I have a feeling this place will be called Paradise. I am an island gal....

No more Drought..

They say we are no longer in a drought here on Oahu! LOLOL you think? Massive amounts of water have caused chaos here on the island... I hope its over.. but we havent even hit the rainy season yet!! The picture is of one of the MANY small rivers flowing into the ocean.. this river at world famous Sunset Beach ONLY exists if there is too much rain!! Straight from the mountains it is FREEZING COLD!! i am an island gal......

Toxic Waters

Image You, my readers all know of the beach i call "Heaven".... it has been violated in the worst possible way imaginable. I am so glad i had the opportunity to introduce you to this little beach... I am so upset i can barely write this.. I don't know if i will ever be able to enter the water here again.. I am so glad i have pictures... Must it come down to only pictures to KNOW what we had? Or can we as humans LEARN to LOVE and care for Planet Earth! Till I take my last breath I will encourage everyone I meet to PLEASE live with great Love for our Planet!! In this place that I Love........ i am an island gal......

A Locals Sunrise

A Local Sunrise... The pole has stood there all night... i can see the campers moving slowly, reluctantly , sleeping with the ocean by your side is Bliss...... Sunrise... its not about catching a fish, its just about being there...... I am an island gal.....

January 1, 2011....1-1-11

From the time the sun peeked over the horizon and thru out the day, January first two thousand eleven was a bright beautiful day! After all the rain... after all the brown mucky water, yesterday was a welcomed sight!! The rains turn everything green ,green, green! The return of the cooler winter tradewinds, allows the air to be clean and crisp. It really was a beautiful day... a beautiful welcome to the year 2011. Happy New Year from the island gal.........