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Like A Kid

As sunrises go this one was a beauty. I was on the east side of the island in the state owned park of Malaekahana(maw-lye-kaw-hah-naw). I spent some time in this little driftwood frame hut someone, probably an adult acting like a kid, built. I sat there like a kid, pretending I was a castaway. It was quite easy for me to act like a kid, i was a little ashamed and embarrassed about my castaway play so i scurried out to find bushes to view the sunrise in.... Settled into the brush(u guys know bushes are my second home) a woman in her late 60s walked across the screen on my camera, I lowered the camera and watched her. It was still quite dark, the water grey and black but like a kid, she walked right in. I know she didn't see me because she was singing and bobbing in the water, just like a kid. Moving around alot, different shots, during sunrise, I stood and left the bush rounding the corner just as fast as i could......SURPRISE.... the woman's husband, also in his late 60s, was t

Opala(trash) O- paul- ah

On Sunday morning I walked the beach of Waimea Bay on the North Shore of Oahu, I was on my usual mission, picking up Opala(trash) off of the beach.. There wasn't much, someone had already been there before me. The water at the Bay was not clear so i left.... Fast forward to Monday morning 24 hours later... A beautiful, very endangered Hawaiian Monk seal was sleeping on shore at Waimea Bay, his head resting on a piece of OPALA!(trash). In a 24 hour period a beach goer had left a piece of trash on the sand.. It is against the law to get closer than 100 yards from these guys so it is important we keep Opala(trash) off the beach before they get there! You can imagine my reaction... are we not as humans smart enough to get our Opala(trash) into its proper receptacle? Part of the problem here I feel, is that people are not aware that a Monk Seal may rest here. We all, myself included have come to live our lives so far removed from nature that we exist without this planet in our thoughts

Citizen Care

There is a sign up there on that fence, it says "do not touch the turtles" .. A sign made by the people who live in this area... i am always amazed how dedicated the people who live on the oceans shoreline are to her animals.. That turtle right there on the beach was out like a light...lolol.. it is within out power as humans to care for this planet! =) The water I am taking this picture from is like a washing machine... will post about it later!

Happy Mothers Day.....

WE were so close there was not one thing we did not know about each other. We drove my father crazy, talking on the phone for hours 3 times a day, for 30 plus years! He'd say , 'Take 2 aspirin and go back to bed!". Her spirit was so strong that even her passing HAS NOT diminished our closeness. I feel her many times out there in the water with me. She would LOVE these pictures! Because I knew her so well i know that she would want you to know... Her and my father had a plan..... it came to pass... Her and my father had a vision....i am still a work in progress... Her and my father their whole being, the reason they lived, was for the Lord Jesus Christ.... I cannot mention my love for my mother without mentioning her Love for God. As long as i can remember, my parents Bibles were always together. One on top of the other ready in a flash for them to grab and use. They still sit this way in MY home today.... may I, my moms daughter, remember what we had, cherish what only he

An Island Gal

I'm sitting in the bushes.. I've cut my leg from a hidden sprinkler system. My sarong is torn and the bugs are biting me. I wouldn't want to be any other place. This one sunset was worth the wait and the sprinkler system that caught me off guard The bushes I am sitting in belong to one of Hawaii's last monarchs.. Princess Abigail Kawananakoa. She is quite a woman and not only am i cut , bleeding, hot and bug bit. I am just a little concerned she may find me in her bushes. Ive noticed that I can always find a bush to be in to get what i think will be a great picture.. It drives me nuts! if you come to Oahu... make sure you visit the west where the sun sets.. you wont need to be in the bushes there are alot of great places to sit and watch the sunset. I am just...... an island gal...........