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..... A Choice...Thankful Always...

Frantic... the best way to describe the people i observed in the last 2 days...I  held myself back, not willing to "Catch" the Frantic Fever.... I spent Thanksgiving full of thanks in the place I call home... Waimea Bay Oahu.  Here is the amazing part... 1. we are in winter... huge surfs pounds the North Shore of Oahu  during this time of year. But Yesterday Thanksgiving Day 2013, the Bay, took a sigh of relief, and gave to those who visited her a rare treat... Calm almost summer like water.... IT was Magnificent!  Surprisingly, there were alot of people on the beach... and  it occurred to me  that THERE WAS NOT ONE CASE OF FRANTIC FEVER ON THE BEACH..... The water was delightful, the weather epic, the people happy.   As we move into Christmas and the door of 2014, we again will be faced to choose..  Choice is a wonderful thing, it signifies freedom and I have fallen in love with the choice of leaving the frantic and its fever behind , embracing what has always bee

Forbidden Land...

Forbidden Land... the Hills and the Valley of Makua, Oahu... owned by the United States Government,  I mistakenly climb up to an ancient Hawaiian site thinking it was State property.. I wanted for soooo long to see what this group of rocks were, and if my ancestors could see the ocean from there... To my delight i saw that yes,they could of stood right where i was standing and see blue blue blue for miles!!! there is only one road in and out of this remote area and it cuts thru the land like a knife.. can u imagine the mystical magic that this place was years ago?! .... I had a few minutes of pure mystic up here before reality set in.  I was on government property, U.S. government property.... a NONO ... I climbed back down the mountain, thankful that I was able to see where those who came before me stood. p.s.  This land, this valley has been the scene of much debate thru the years. The US Army used Makua Valley, Oahu  for live bomb training, the Hawaiian activist wanted t

SCI-FI Sunset

I call them Gates... open areas in the sky at Sunset.... this one taken Friday the 7th of November on the west side of Oahu was a dooozie!!  its a Sci- Fi sunset !!!