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His Place in the Sun

In a walk as old as time, this beautiful turtle lifts his head and pushes his way up the sand to find his perfect place in the sun... The summer sun is warm , inviting, and he will rest until the sun sets, only then making his way back into the beautiful blue ocean..... I am an island gal......


I've heard the surfers use the word "epic " to describe the unusual and occasional winter like surf that rolls into the North Shore during summer.. And that's exactly what the last 2 days have been... "epic". Larger than normal surf in the warmer summer waters of the North Shore have had the surfers running for their boards and the waves... For me the epic came when this week, all of a sudden, a turtle I haven't seen in quite a while suddenly shows up... He takes such beautiful pictures I was just delighted to see him... Two completely different "epics" coming from one big beautiful massive "Epic" Ocean!! I am an island gal.......

"Looking Back"

I sat in my favorite little tidal pool....taking pictures of the shoreline in front of me. One of my favorite views this little pool is only here in the winter and a few weeks of summer. I know the time i have in this space is limited...and then this view i love so much will change until next winter. I just happened to turn look behind me. I was NOT alone anymore.... Mother Nature, one of the only places "LOOKING BACK" can be just stunning!!