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A First...

Even being from Oahu, standing at Makua on the western tip of the island of Oahu is impressive. Its a beautiful beach. In my entire life I had never swam here, Makua, home to many many dolphins. I took the plunge into these beautiful blue waters very carefully. The dolphins were swimming by the boat u see in the first picture, but it being my first time here in these waters, I just swam to get the feel of the ocean. When i turned to look toward shore, I was spellbound! Those mountains you see were very sacred to ancient Hawaiians. At this moment, in the water, I could see why. There is a least a good mile of sand here, lots of native Hawaiians fishing, an occasional ATV riding by. Again as with many sacred places in Hawaii the quiet is deafening! It would not surprise me one bit if I moved down here permanently. If I do, move here, it will be a HUGE step for me. But the beautiful blue water, this side of the island of Oahu? God lives out here... he truly does. I am an island gal.


Mother Nature is all about balance, even when we cant make rhyme or reason out of the weather, Mother Nature has a plan. To Balance the murky milky water all year this year, Mother Nature has risen to superb with her sunsets... These two sunsets on the North shore of Oahu happened on 2 consecutive days! It was Magnificent!! The video shows you just how murky the water is!

Raising Baby

This is as close as i could get to a mother Hawaiian Monk Seal and her newborn pup. What struck me is the place she chose. Absolutely beautiful... a little pond that sits above the open ocean.. What a beautiful place for raising a baby! They are to the middle left of the first picture. They will be here for at least another 4 weeks, I will go back with a different camera and try to get a closer picture of the pair. Its be awhile since Ive been to this part of the island... I had forgotten how remote and magnificent it is! I am an island gal......

How Can it Be?

To get to this stretch of beach on the North Shore of Oahu I had to leave my car in an area that has become a home to the homeless. I was concerned about my car but being out here won over in the end and off I went. Saw two wild boar in these bushes... They looked at me like I was the scariest thing on the planet and took off running.. Saw two canoes taking off practicing for the races they enter in all year. It was so quiet out here, it was like I had left modern Hawaii behind and stepped into the past. I was beyond delighted. This turtle laying in the sun out here in the quiet,a turtle who once in the sun and on the sand, very rarely open their eyes, acknowledged my presence by opening his. How can it be that we have given up this peace, this quiet, this harmony, for the world most of us live in? How can it be? I am an island gal.......