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Luck or Bow?

Its rained hard and often here on Oahu this January 2013.  That much rain causes the water to run into the ocean and cloud it up. Visibility goes to zero..    So I found myself in a dilemma one morning when i wasn't sure whether i should go left to the west, or right to the North... There a a rainbow on my right so I followed it north...  that rainbow led me to the clearest cleanest winter water on the North Shore Oahu I have ever seen...  I didn't know these turtles but it sure was a pleasure to be able to see them... Either that rainbow knew something I didnt or I got real lucky!!   I am an island gal...........

Winter Wonderland

After the craziest weather i have ever seen here on Oahu, yesterday was like a dream..... We are in the throes of Winter.... only the bravest can swim... hehehe.... So heres my question.... When will the WINTER water calm down?... and then I WONDER... when will I be able to leave the LAND and swim again? Winter Wonderland........