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The Powerful Entity called Gratitude...

I was pulling into the bank in my little town on Oahu.. I looked into  my rear view mirror and saw an woman, older , with a back pack and cat carrier... I got out of my car and approached her... " Hi, are u Homeless?" I asked, i glanced at her  beautiful cat that she had on a lease...." yes, I am", she replied.  My legs went weak, I sat down beside her and just  started to talk with her... I'm not rich in money  so when i gave her all the money i had , it was only two dollars and some change.  She hadn't asked for it, i felt the need to give it to her. She was soooo sooo grateful it brought tears to my eyes... She could buy cat food she said..   I talked to her a bit more and then left.... I went on about my way in the next little town, when my phone rang.....    "Hello?" "HI LEILANI, ITS JACKIE,  I BOUGHT YOU A NIKON!!"...... last year when i fell over a rock on the shoreline , my camera in hand, it knoc