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A squid.... so beautiful against the blue water and white sand.. he left me just speechless.. 07-25-10....


The Lifeguards at Waimea Bay on the North Shore of Oahu are very special men and women. I have watched them unselfishly enter raging waters to rescue those who have wondered too close to the ocean and have been washed out. They single handly keep extreme surfers out of harms way during the winter months, risking their lives to save a fellow surfer. So when i ran across this sign attached to a pile of underwater rocks i started to laugh! The Waimea Bay Lifeguards have a soft spot! Please leave their fish house alone! LOLOL! I am an island gal.....

Whose following whom?

We are having a wet, rainy summer. Its okay, we need the rain badly. The fresh water flowing into the ocean on the North Shore usually happens only in our winter months. But this summer because of more rainfall than usual, its been flowing into the Bay on a regular basis. I have found the dolphins that swim on the North Shore do not like the fresh water that flows into the Bay and stay in deeper water because of it. I was thrilled this morning when I saw that even though it was raining again the river at the Bay was NOT flowing into the ocean.... Sure enough... they came.... full of energy... Joyous, noisy, having a splendid time... I always wonder if they know when its raining? And I have a million dollar question i don't think will ever get answered. The question? "Do the dolphins follow the rainbows, or do the rainbows follow the dolphins?"=0D I am an island gal.....


Shortly after i took this picture, a young woman swam up to this turtle grabbed a hold of it and tried to ride the turtle. I lifted my head out of the water and said. "WHY, did you do that?" she said, "DO WHAT?" "Ride the turtle". I said. "OH", she said. "Its alright, its just a turtle". I said to her,"NO, its NOT alright, that little turtle had just 3 fins" I proceeded to tell her if she could not respect an injured animal, maybe she should not have children. My daughter says i have become radical in my older years. I am afraid i have to agree. I don't want to be mean or ugly, BUT i want to stand up for what is right and what is wrong. AS i see it this planet has moved forward amazingly quick. We as humans have all the gadgets, all the knowledge but we have forgotten to bring with us one important thing... RESPECT. I am a radical island gal.......

Not Alone

The cave at the Bay.. i am no longer swimming in it alone! The turtles have arrived! They enjoy the vegetation growing on the rock walls this time of year! Thought you might enjoy a video of me and a turtle going in and out of the cave.. he handles the tides much better than I ! The water is slightly cloudy from the tide and waves stirring up the sand and ocean vegatation. I consider it a high honor when a turtle lifts his head out of the water for a breath of air in my presence. To do this, they must take their eyes OFF me. They tell me they trust me when they do this. I am an island gal.....

Magic Rainbows

It rained here on Oahu Friday and Saturday...we need the rain.. The turtles carry on as usual.. enjoying water alot less crowded. For those who stay home " Because its raining?" You are missing the RAINBOWS! =0D The rainbows appear out of nowhere. Ive learned to look around me because they can appear at ANY place, ANY time! There is something magic about a rainbow. Those colors! you have to take the picture quickly, in an instant they can be gone.. Then too, they can hang around for awhile , you never know... magic rainbows! I am an island gal......