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Island DNA

I am an adopted child so until my children were born I knew no blood relatives. I got real lucky with my children. Where I am wild and carefree, my children are quiet, focused and more reserved. THEN I met my granddaughter! She is me.... Half of the time my daughter is at her wits end! "How DID this happen?" she says. She is four, passionate about animals, and just LOVES the ocean. At 4, National Geographic is her favorite TV channel. In this picture that dark shape in the water is a wild and free turtle swimming around my granddaughter. She says she is from Boston, but I think her DNA says..... She is an island gal........

Magnificent Weekend!

Good Friday April 22, was also Earth Day and the sunset that night set the tone for the weekend..... Saturday Morning..., early, the waters were clear, calm and warm... it was delightful! Turtles seemed to be enjoying it as much as I was.. Then, Sunday Morning, Easter... I sat on the far North side of the island and watched the sun rise in the East. The word "Magnificent"was so evident in this sunrise.... I noticed when I slipped into the water later, that the turtles seemed to be going somewhere.. Quess they had put on their Sunday best and were headed for the beautiful, blue open water! ahhhhh life in the Big Blue... how magnificent!!! I am an island gal....

Being Wild and Free

I do the darnedest things. I have this little glitch in me that makes me forget that RULES are made for a reason. I call this turtle BIG... He will periodically swim into Waimea Bay on the North Shore of Oahu and cruise up and down the shoreline. His BIG dark shape in the water has frightened many tourists and then caused general chaos once they realize its a HUGE sea turtle! I have often wondered if he realizes the great concern and then pure joy he causes. Its rare for a turtle this large to venture into shallow clear water just to swim so I get the idea he just does what he wants being a wild and free turtle. I was delighted to see him. Its been a year at least since I had last seen him at the Bay, so I hurried into the water and started taking pictures. Big did what most large sea animals do when seeing a human close to them, he went for deeper water. I tagged along after him thankful he was in a neutral gear. A turtle this big can disappear in a flash but he just cruised not feari


She reaches her hand out not to touch the turtle, but in a greeting, ages old... a greeting of love and respect.... "She" is my daughter and I am extremely blessed..... I am an island gal..........

Calm after the Storm....

After venting in the last post i feel so much better! Thank you for reading.. I am slowly working on the mindset that I, alone, can save the planet. The storm has past and delivered to me my granddaughter... all the way from Boston, Mass. She and my daughter are here for a visit. Is it possible that a child I did not give birth to could be so much like me? She is a light to me, a reflection of the child I once was. All is calm, all is good. I am an island gal........