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True Value is priceless....

Winter arrives in the islands..... the water becomes rough, blown by wind and winter storms out in the open ocean.... for me the water in many places becomes too dangerous so i must sit and wait till spring before i reenter the water... the wait is always agonizing... I took this pic two weeks ago after i returned from the East Coast of the United States... I longed to feel the sand of the Pacific Ocean beneath my feet.. in my hurry i left my purse on the back seat floor of my car.... When i returned to my car my window had been broken , my purse gone.... my brand new iphone a gift from my daughter and soninlaw, was gone... the wallet my mother bought me before she passed on... gone.... There are two things i know for sure....  1. ALL material things can be replace... what we can buy is not irreplaceable....  2. If u believe in the after life , you will understand my mother SAW who took that wallet... God help them they are gonna need

A Hawaiian in New England

My daughter lives in Boston Massachusetts.....  I have been visiting her..... What an amazing planet  we live on..... This Hawaiian LOVED Massachusetts, , her changing leaves and her ocean, the incredible Atlantic.... very very different from the Pacific but just as impressive!!