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A Love Affair

 It started out this way.... winter skies over the island of Oahu...the sun and clouds greet each other...  they sit down for a cup of coffee.....  They find the have a lot in common ...the sky a friend to them both.....  As time moves on.... sparks fly.... they get along so well.... To this human this sunset over the skies of Oahu, was one of the most beautiful she has ever seen.... it was A Love Affair, between the Sun and the clouds....  sunset 11-15-12..... I am an island gal.........................


Winter water here on Oahus North shore has underwater visibility of "hand in front of your face". Big waves on the outter reefs, stir up the summers silt on the inner reefs, carrying it eventually out to sea... Its Mother Natures way of cleaning house. Currents are strong so yesterday Friday November 9,2012 i was trying to take a picture of this beautiful serene turtle u see here in the first shot... a friend he was being very patient.... All of a sudden, out of the midst of the silt,a turtle, i dubbed Solomon drops in next to me... like a helicopter landing, he surprised me... Every once in a while you meet a turtle like this... a little wise guy, full of personality. Since being too close to these guys is a NO NO, i turned and moved away. Well, Solomon wasn't having it.... it was his time for the camera... u see him here in the third shot,he is the turtle in the back, swimming full throttle around the rock i had just moved away from... What

The Knees

Its been hot hot hot here on Oahu.... not the usual here for the months of October and now November........ My son and his wife had vacation time so as a family we headed to the Ocean... Waimea Bay, North Shore Oahu, our favorite.... even though the days are still hot, the ocean has gone into winter waves and winter currents.... My son, now an adult brought his body board with him... nice little waves made for a good safe time. I laughed as I took pictures of him riding the waves. That's him, the person closest to u in the picture... i remember for years, when he was younger, running up and down this beach pulling him out of Waimea Bays white water yelling for him to please be careful. My knees constantly remind me that i had done more than my fair share of running on wet sand. I continued to smile and then laugh out loud as i realized someday, myson, at my age, will have conversations with his aching knees.... How do I know this? Hes going to