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Since im having one heck of a time finding a peaceful ocean shoreline in winter here on Oahu, Im gonna just work while i wait.. yesterday while I sat here in one of my favorite spots, I wondered how old these trees were... i will have to find out =)... There is something real special about this spot and I thought about all the people I have met thru the years, right here, that where here because they had lost a loved one... One man in particular stands out... his wife went into the hospital sick on a Friday and by Monday she was gone.. he was devastated...what is it that has us look to the sea in forlorn times? What is the secret peace and comfort the beautiful blue Ocean and her shorelines give to us?... I am so grateful the Ocean is what it is....

Sunday Mornings....

Its becoming a habit.... Sunday Mornings and the Sunrise....starting at is a majestic sight! here's my problem.... When the sun was finally up and i could see the shoreline... I saw PLASTIC riddled this beach.... i was upset! I grabbed my recycle bag and went to work.... now here's the kicker.... this area i am in is a very religious area... big ole tabernacle sits right down the street... This was in my thoughts as scooped up the plastic .... Christian, Bible believing, churches believe in the creator... they say he built this planet... if sooo.. why the heck are our beaches and mountains and valleys not filled with Bible believing people taking care of this planet? I want to be around when their creator asks them, " For what reason did I build you a house? did you NOT care or respect me enough to love and care for what i built?" I wanna be there, I gotta see what the answer is.....Sunday mornings need to be more than just about church... I am am island gal.

Standing in Beauty

Yesterday, Friday the 13th, 2012, walking back to my beach mobile from the shoreline,I, for some reason, was thinking about the US Marines that had urinated on the 4 dead terrorists in Afghanistan, when this Hibiscus caught my eye.... The only blossom on the bush, it stood alone in magnificent beauty! plants and animals don't seem to get caught up in THE ACT OF DISHONOR....they seem to float free amidst the drama us humans create. They stand alone in grace and beauty, a beautiful example to us humans. May I Leilani, stand, even if its alone for all that is good and all that is right. May my life be one of honor and beauty. I am an island gal......


There are some days, like this day, on the island of Oahu, that you just go...... Whoaaaa.... The second week of January 2012 has been a beautiful week on the island of Oahu. I am an island gal......


It is Sunday morning 1-8-2012, early. With my little cloth camera bag adorned with turtles ,my new camera, a lantern and my beloved driftwood walking stick I make my way down the mountainside into the little cove called, Halona. I love it here. This morning there were people, lots of them already there. A camera club had chosen this spot to catch and capture the sunrise. Cameras, expensive cameras and tripods galore, it was a surprise delight and I welcomed the company. The last couple of years I have noticed the "awakening" I like to call it, of our place as humans on this planet. I watch as more and more people are out and about to witness the beauty of this planet. It is a good thing. In the above picture you see one of the members of the camera club step to the shoreline to capture the glorious sunrise....... This is the next shot.... hes gone.... Mother Nature in all her glory smack in the middle of sunrise made this guy grab his camera and run.... A WAVE... glorious wo

New Year, New Week...Same Mother Nature..

Sunrise January 1, 2012 was spectacular.....during the day the winds stopped.... The next morning the island of Oahu was enveloped in Volcanic humans here on the island struggled to find a clean piece of air... the sun fought to get a stand thru the vog and the clouds... Mother Nature cuddled the sun and LOOK at the morning dawn the next day...I am so incredibly happy Mother Nature is still the same.... I am an island gal.....