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In the Heat of it All....

 The Westside of Oahu, the center of Oahu the Northside of Oahu  and yes ,even underwater, August and September are the HOTTEST months of the year here in the islands... we are right now....                                                 ......   In the HEAT of it ALL!! ....

Morning Roll Call

I've seen it often.... the ocean and the newly risen sun appear to be working together to check and make sure who made it thru the night.... I never get tired of seeing this... if there is something going on, its between this turtle and the Master of the Universe.... i'm content to be present at first light, for the Morning Roll Call....

The Lazy Days of Summer

He lay among the thick green  seaweed. This particular green is his favorite food. He is so full he just lays there sunning himself. I had to smile .... oooo the Lazy Days of Summer