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In my Humble Opinion

Some say " lucky you live Hawaii"   sunsets like this one from North Shore Oahu seem to say the same thing...  but really, are we NOT ALL "lucky to live" on such an amazing planet...  April here in the Islands continued to be just glorious....all month long..  but that's what spring is all over the world, just glorious....   In my humble opinion ,  mankind would be a far better off  if we just really understood ... that this right here, where we live and breath, our planet,  has a far far greater  reward system than mankind and its money could ever provide....

So So Worth It....

 I stood here yesterday  4-11-14 and remembered another day several years ago. I started right here where the sand and this picture begin, picking up trash off the beautiful beach at Makua, west side Oahu. A week day, NO ONE was on the beach. As i walked, I became  livid... sooo much trash!!! I was soon talking to myself just under the volume of a scream... For some reason I looked to my left and into the water... There right on the shoreline were 4 big dorsal fins swimming along, following either my footsteps or my yelling... =I Immediately, i felt and held back, the human compulsion to run into the water, try and see if i could see them, swim with them. The size and deep dark color of their dorsal fins told me they were Bottle nose Dolphins and i knew right there that if i went into the water they would be gone. I had been dragging a garbage bag, I stopped, my body motionless..."Hi u guys!! What yah doing??" No answer, so i just pretended i was busy. I continued with m

NO Words....

 Sunsets in April...... ...........................................just No words...................

The Artistry of April

I think I say it every year... March, April and May,  can be the most beautiful months here in Hawaii Nei..  The islands burst into green and blue and white....    The oceans animals move back into shallow waters and spend more time on the surface of the  Ocean basking in the sun of Spring time... Planning on a visit to the islands? choose the Artistry of April!!