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The Rainbow and the Turtle

On Sunday the waves were back with a vengeance . I waited till the afternoon, got into my little beachmobile and headed North It really doesn't matter the weather on the North Side of Oahu. The beauty is always there. The sunset that evening in front of me and behind me.. just beautiful... But it is what the sun did to this picture that is the most amazing.. my camera , the sun, sand and sea.. threw a rainbow over this turtle and the rock she was sitting by. that's not her shell, that's a rainbow!!! I am forever grateful for this magnificent planet! I am an island gal....

The Tease

We are in the middle of rough water winter here on Oahu. So on Saturday when I saw the water i was amazed! Flat and calm! Although the shallow was winter cloudy.. The deeper water was breathtaking.. If the water would of been warm i would of thought i was swimming around in summer water! The Ocean was teasing us.. the next day Sunday, the waves were back! I dont think i was the only one confused.. LOL there were ALOT of turtles cruising around on Saturday! I am an island gal....

HI My name is Leilani

I got this idea from Chrissy.. her blog "A Fresh Start with.. Kalei". She posted her picture.. Now i notice this.. I know what the guys who read my blog look like. They have no problem posting pictures of themselves. The women? well we are a COMPLETELY different animal.. myself included! I rather cook 10 dinners(i dont like to cook) than post my picture. Why? i think id rather you imagine i look like a movie star than KNOW that i dont..LOLOL=0D HI=0) my name is leilani. I am an island gal....

Spotlight Moment

Up early headed East again... kitty Machwas vet day... i missed the yellow raising of the sun BUT I did get there a little past 7am and this happened.. i waited for something to come jumping out of that perfect spotlight in the middle of the ocean .. the sun and the clouds playing with the ocean. I stood there for quite awhile just mesmerized.. I turned to my left and took this.. the east coast of Oahu.. her rugged shore line so magnificent in the early morning light!.. I got in the car and headed west.. By the time i got to the west coast the sun was shining bright and clear.. it was a truly beautiful morning! I have fallen deeply in love with the west side of the island.. Her sandy shorelines, blue blue water, and awesome mountains. That one spotlight moment in the morning gave way to a whole weekend full of light and sun and dolphins.. i am a grateful island gal....

Ocean Friends

Most times I swim with abandon.. not a care in the universe.... Freedom... but sometimes when I'm out there and the sun goes behind the clouds and the wind becomes stronger and the water starts to churn... i remember what a tough place the ocean can be. I worry about my ocean friends.... I am an island gal....

Hawaiian Miles

Machwa the kitty is almost a year old. It was time to get him fixed. Although he was the first born and the biggest in the litter he has remained the Biggest Baby. Hes never been outside, he eats all the time, he doesn't like being alone and his meow, inherited from his grandfather, sounds like a wailing church organ! So i load him into the carrier and off we go... Now here's where it gets complicated ! The vet with the best"fix your cat" rates is across the island in a place called Hawaii Kai. I don't know if its something we as local people have hung onto since it took all day, some times two "back in the day" to get across the island,or if its the traffic you can encounter, but traveling more than 5 miles here on Oahu is a major trip! Its 6am in the morning i need to be all the way in Hawaii Kai by 7am. I put Machwa, who is in his carrier, in the car and off we go. He immediately starts to wail and continues wailing the whole way there! I get there de