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Beauty and A Sobbing Beast

There are some days here on this island that just blow me away. I find it amazing,awesome and mind-blowing that nature has given us so much beauty. I pray for each one of you.. LOVE, JOY and HARMONY... I am an island gal.... p.s. RIGHT after i took these pics this weekend my camera SPRUNG a LEAK!! I scared nearly everyone on the beach with my SOBS!! I felt naked without my camera !! LOL luckily, i had a warranty and INTOVA replaced the WHOLE thing for me. Thank you, Thank you intova, grown women sobbing can be horrifying! LOLOL. =0I


Transported back in time, I visited a Queens home. There are alot of really cool native hawaiian things in the house and although I was not allow to take pictures of the inside of the Queens summer house, i would encourage anyone to visit this beautiful home. ...Prefabricated in Boston in the 1800s, then shipped to Oahu and put together here on the island,gracious women of Hawaii, aptly named Daughters of Hawaii give short tours of the residence. I asked one of them if anything spooky or paranormal happens here. They told me in the room of the young prince , there are strange things happen. I thought, hmmmm. I took pictures outside and I had another hmmm moment when this tree , which has been here since the days of the Queen, photograph a couple shades lighter. LOL I am an island gal....

By Land, Sea or AIR??

I was at the beach pretty early. There were only a few of us on the beach. I'm sitting there watching the water and i hear yelling. I look up and down the beach dont see anything or anyone yelling. All at once i realize the yelling is coming from above me! I look up, OMGGGG people coming to the beach by AIR!! They didnt stay... as soon as their feet hit the sand they rolled those chutes up and ran quess coming to the beach by air isnt quite legal yet. LOl... I am an island gal...

Nu'uanu Pali

The Tradewinds are back with a vengence. The north shore was a little rough so I decided to go to what my dad called, the windest place on I don't know if it is the windest place on earth but the guy in the video almost lost his wifes purse and I almost lost my camera !! The sound you hear on the video is the wind ! The Hawaiians used the Pali as a means to get from one side of the island to the other, my mom and i traveled it when i was very young. I saw MANY overturned cars back then so it was with great relief that a tunnel was built thru the mountain so cars are safe from the wind. Like most places important to the ancien t Hawaiians the view is amazing. The road to and from the windy lookout is like a mini jungle ride. So different from the ocean shore im used to but equally as beautiful. We have no snakes here in Hawaii so being in this lush green world is truly wonderful . I am an island gal....

Bright Sun Shiny Day

For the last 2 weeks here on Oahu , the winds have stopped. We call these winds "Tradewinds". They help to keep the islands cool. It has been really hot and the sun has been bright, bright, bright as you can see in this first picture. LOL, I found myself squinting just looking at this picture. The good part is the water is clear this time of year and with the sun hitting full force on the water, the pictures under the water are just beautiful. My friends tell me the dolphins were in the bay again on Friday, but i was working, so i missed them. I'm trying really hard not to complain about the 1000 turtle pictures i now have =0I. It looks like summer is here early with bright sun shiny days, and the 92 degrees it brought with it seem not to matter if you are in the ocean. There are places on the shoreline that you can get to only in summer. This cave at the bay is one of them. I found myself laughing with pure glee while taking this picture. The cave echoed back my lau

Princess Pond

My daughter Rayna, named this area of the cove "Princess Pond" when she about 6 years old. It had been at least 20 years since ive attempted to vist this area of the cove. Crossing razor sharp lava rock is alot harder for me now than it was 20 years ago. My children all three of them could scale these rocks like little crabs. It is an area of the cove only visible during the summer. I spent some time swimming in the water on the right side of "Princess Pond". If i wait 20 more years to visit this area of the cove I wont be able to get to it. its a beautiful spot, no one around, the ocean all to myself..... i am an island gal.

Dolphin Day

They swam by me at mach speed swimming into the bay.. they turned around and passed me again checking out my orange swimsuit. I dont think they like it...LOL... It was good to see them.. they played tag with me for awhile, back and forth, back and forth. Finally exhausted i hauled myself out of the water and watched as they came close to shore , if i would of stayed in the water i would of got some major pics. I was just too tired,they are much much better swimmers than i am... lol...till next time.... I am an island gal.......

Snorkel English

I came upon my lunch buddy on Saturday. He's the one i collided with several weeks ago. Here he was eating lunch again in his favorite spot. I respectfully kept my distance but did manage to ask him a question thru my snorkel. I said,"Wa wah wah oo ah wha o ahah o wawa ah o yah ohoh wha?"translation: "Do you think you could turn around so i could get a picture of ur face?" ummmmmmmmm I about fainted when he turned and looked at me . I think maybe he understood my snorkel english! He looked at me with a look that said ,"OH!, ITS YOU AGAIN !" > I am an island gal. =0)

Mayumi Marks

Mayumi from Maui.. She has been swimming with dolphins for years. Her and her husband made this video. When I am feeling a little blue , this video just transports me to happy again . Thank you Mayumi for this video. It is such a gift to us all. click on player to stop music =0)