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What and Why?

Does anyone know WHAT those highlighted words are in my blog and WHY they are there?? Is it just me who sees them or can you folks see them too? I didnot put them there.. anyone have the 411 on this? =)

The Silence of the Sunset..

The turtles silently float onto the reef during high tide. They feed on the rich, green limu(seaweed) of the reef. This is the time of year when the limu is at its peak, green, plump. Not a sound goes on but the lapping of the small colorless winter waves. The turtles i sit among silently feast on what they have waited all summer for. Its a wonderful feeling sitting silent among these gentle, wise creatures... Some of them I see just by their size are 50 to 60 years old... my age...and as the sun sinks into the horizon.... I smile...this could very well be the Garden of Eden, right here, at this moment. Time moves on with the silent signal of the setting sun. The turtles move once again, silently back, into colorless winter waves. "Thank you my friends, its been a pleasure! A Hui Hou( I'll see you later)" I am an island gal.......

Mornings, The Mountains and Divine Intervention.

Its one of the most beautiful settings here on Oahu. The Morning sun rising in the East, lighting the mountains of the west. Regardless, this rocky shoreline is well used by fisherman and the trash can get out of hand. Lately on this stretch of shoreline I noticed someone was picking up the trash.. Not a speck to be found.. I was delighted.. On this particular morning I rounded the corner and was hit with a surprise... TRASH.. "OH NO... I hope the person or persons who have been caring for this stretch are okay." Was my first thought... Then, okay i brought no bag.. no way to pick this stuff up.. I stood frozen.. "OKAY LANI.. whatcha gonna do?" I asked myself... " You're gonna have to walk all the way back to your car!" sigh... Something caught my eye... "EUREKA".. a huge plastic bag... I jettisoned into gear, laughing...I looked up into the blue sky... "Thank you, I needed this bag!" The bag was so big I got every single piece of t


Ive watch many a sunrise from this beach.... when I saw This video... i realized... that on this stretch of beach.... Joy abounds.... enjoy this beautiful video by The Piano Guys!