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Laugh out Loud

one of the gals on our mustang site posted this today... It Made mom laugh till she couldnt breath!!!! I find it ironic that this video mirrors life. Alot of times we as humans FAIL to move forward because of what WE THINK is in our way. If you just move and do the right things Life will give you alot !!! Laugh out loud !!!

Light up the night.

Turned the tree on last nite and MY GOLLYYYYYYYY!!!! the neighbors were reading by the light of my tree. LOL i LOVE Christmas !!!!

Christmas tree

I do love my Christmas tree. I dont need the presents but the TREE i need!!!! lol This has been an off week for me with the disappearance of my beloved cat yeller. So setting this tree up is a godsend to keep my mind off of him and his whereabouts!!!! thank you Rayna and Claudy !!


this computer is ONE of the things i am grateful for !!!


today was a work day for no ocean... wouldnt u know I was picking up some medicine at the doctors office and saw some beautiful plants !!! I got it on film although tripping thru plants is MUCH different than being in the water. I was a fish out of water !!! you will hear me say "ot oh" thats becuz breaking my neck was a thought that crossed my mind while filmimg this. LOL Live Laugh Love !!!!


After a day at the beach, a Shave ice from Matsumoto's Shave ice is the BEST. I ended my day with one of these delicious creations !!

I love my Days off !!!!

Spent today where i usually spend my days off. today i tried filming Mr Turtle !!!

The Best

my usual day off...... the beach!! Today i ran into Mr Turtle. HE RAISED HIS HEAD, STARED ME STRAIGHT IN THE EYES AND THEN DIMISSED ME AS MERE HUMAN !!! i was truly humbled !!!

My Heaven

Those who know me well know the beach is what i consider Heaven here on earth. I was in heaven for awhile yesterday!! I made this for my daughter in Boston