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Old Hawaii

Sunday Sept 25th the sun rose over the island of Oahu just blazing! Its been a really hot week here in the islands, a hot that is hard to describe. Its like an oven! But before that sun got too hot on Sunday I was treated to the sight of the east side of the island of Oahu that was just magnificent. The East shore line of Oahu, still undeveloped, green and filled with the sounds of "old Hawaii". I am an "Old Hawaii" island gal.......

Island Fantasy

There is something insanely surreal about the islands and her shorelines...Im sitting on the shoreline watching the sunset.. a fisherman is casting his line way out, looks like he trying to reach those sailboats who are in the path of the sun. Its Friday... Its not a movie... its real....the ocean and her shoreline do that. They create an Island Fantasy...

Raining Rainbows

It was an amazing sight.... 9-19-11 It was raining rainbows!


There are a brief few seconds between darkness and light during a sunrise that are mindbendingly beautiful. Usually my little camera cannot catch it, it is still too dark, but this morning 9-11-11, for some reason my camera caught it. I had to sit down while taking this , it was magnificent.... It goes to reason that coming from Mother Nature, the most stunning would be during the BALANCE of darkness and light....

The Universe Speaks

Yesterday 9-4-11.... Sunset...And the Universe speaks... 37 years ago on Sept 4,1974 ,I, Island girl... gave birth to my first child, a boy... I was so young, made so many mistakes.. Yesterday 9-4-2011 ... my first grandson was born.... I will not make the same mistakes twice.... Yesterday 9-4-11... the Universe speaks....