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For the past 2 weeks the weather has been filled with rain... good thing is.. we need the rain.... bad thing is ...the water is awful. Rivers running into the ocean create brown water. I am so glad i have pictures of the clear summer water... i know i wasn't dreamin the whole thing! This blog will take off again once i can see what is under the blue blue sea.... I am an island gal.......

Never Forget

Ive been organizing photos.. i literally have thousands... How did i get this many! Surely i am not in the water that much??? smile.... I came across this photo... and I stopped...remember the post about me swimming out tooooo far and this turtle swimming me back in? I have a couple of him because i stopped thinking about drowning and started taking his picture. Each one is a jolt in the arm when I look at them.... I will never forget this turtle.......thank you Mr Turtle!! I am an island gal.....

By Design

A creature of habit, I sit in my usual spot. A beautiful flat, smooth piece of Lava rock, on a small cliff overlooking the early morning Ocean. The early morning ocean is dark gray, capped in white and I sit and wait ,watching as the sun turns the ocean I love so much, different and delightful shades of blue. I whistle as I watch the ocean for the unmistakable sign of dolphins. Water rippling with excitement is a sure sign that the dolphins have arrived, swimming with their usual joy and abandon. I hear footsteps and voices on the rocks behind me. Lava rock is not easy to walk on and the voices are a mixture of excitement and frustration. "xxxxx-cuse-a-meeee?", "xxxxx-cuse-a-meeeee?" , I turn my head as I reluctantly turn my attention to the human world. I see two Japanese tourists standing next to my little lava perch. My first impulse is to completely and totally ignore them. Each year beginning in September and going on for months the nation of Japan kills and ca