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I Can Not Believe It!

Remember the blog about the boats sitting in the Bay taking off all at once? WELL ONE of those boats took a real fast video of one of the dolphin passes thru the Bay that day! The dolphins will make a couple of passes in and out of the Bay, this is one of them. I can remember when it was just me and the dolphins, now its like an obstacle course out there. I think at this particular time I am to the right of the screen in front of the gal on the surfboard. I remember looking up and seeing her headed straight for me.LOLOL.... Almost all of the people in the water are seeing their first wild dolphin. They just happened to be at the beach on this day. It is ALWAYS fun to watch the reactions around me. Some people laughing, some people crying, some people screaming, ALL the people happy ! It is magic. And this picture is one of the pictures I took that day. I CANNOT BELIVE that we can see whats going on ABOVE water while I show you what i see under water. Notice the sun on the wate

Mothers and Daughters.

These are the last shots I took of the dolphins one week ago now. The water was not clear , so all three of these shots are not the best. The dolphins are starting to move out and on till next year and although I am going thru my usual feelings of saddness I was overjoyed to see these babies ! Flashback to the 2004.... My daughter Rayna was home for a visit. WE grabbed a bogey board and swam WAYY out to where the mothers and babies were swimming. Curled dorsal fins greeted us meaning these babies were UNDER a month old. A newly married couple had followed us out and when they saw the babies the husband started what he said was an imitaion of a seal !! He was soo overjoyed being amoung the dolphins he went walrus! LOL it was a sight to see... ...NOW 2009 those same babies are the young dolphins that swim around me and I am overjoyed by their presense. I am honored that I have known them almost from birth! My daughter and I often talk about that day those years ago. She hasnt been ho


Since i am a BIG nature freak i try to do the "GREEN thing as much as I can. I have one really BIG weakness. I know that I am NOT helping the planet with my weakness and I constantly strive to curb my appetite, BUT DOG GONE IT, videos like this dont help.I LOVEEE my fast cars !hehehe.. I need help ........... right Click on my blue music box and press stop.=) I am an island gal......

Flawed Focus

I spend ALOT of time sitting and watching the water. I watch for the churn and splash of the water that tells me the dolphins are close.Sometimes keeping a constant vigil is almost impossible..Take yesterday... My first dip in the water brought to my immediate attention the schools of fish in the Bay have grown by leaps and bounds in a matter of days. THEN to my left, this couple who had just gotten married, climbed UP "the rock" at the Bay to have their pictures taken by a photographer. I expected all three to come tumbling down at any second, but they got thru it and came down safe and sound. And then as if some silent alarm clock went off these boats that had been sitting peacefully in the Bay to my right UNFURLED their sails... and took off........ ALL this just in the first HOUR i was there! Am I gonna complain about my concentration being broken ? NOPE!! ... hey, whats wrong with a little flawed focus?! LOLLLL=0) I am an island gal...

Aloha Felicia!

The storm has passed....leaving blue skies and oh boy, its hot weather! The weather reports say blue skies all weekend. I am working tomorrow Saturday, BUT you can bet yah by golly I will be in the water first light on Sunday! =0) I am an island gal..


Felicia is now a tropical storm. We will know tomorrow evening just how much wind and rain we are going to get. Islanders continue on as if nothing is going on out there and so the beach was packed with fishermen this morning.... They are there for the once a year run of the fish they call HALALU{HA LA LOU}. There are so many of them they showed up in this picture. This turtle dove down for a fish this morning and I thought the underneath of his shell was so beautiful ! LOL... I think we ALL are ignoring the fact that we are gonna get DRENCHED here in the next couple days... I will keep you posted.. I am an island gal...

Beauty and the Beast

Hurricane Felicias winds have died down to 85 mph making her a Category 1 Hurricane. She was a Category 4 so its good to see this beast of a storm is weakening as she nears the Big Island. In my life there have been only 2 hurricanes here on Oahu. Each time it has always been the same... The days leading up to the storm getting here are the MOST beautiful days. This morning was absolutely beautiful. I am an island gal...


I live on the island of OAHU.... Right now This Huricane is headed for the island chain.... they say she will weaken by the time she hits the first island[ BIG Island of Hawaii].. lets HOPE so... you can tell people are REAL worried at work today. I will keep you posted.

Akio (ah-key-o)

He moved from Japan to Oahu. He loves the ocean and the beach. His example is the reason I started picking up trash off the beach. He is living proof that one person can make a difference. Now years later it is not unusual to see MANY people walking the beach picking up trash. SO was in HORROR that I saw Akio cross paths with a shark on his "daily way out there",{he swims past those rocks u see in this picture} swim. The dark shadow in the water brought me to my feet, I couldnt yell he was toooo far out to hear me, and so I watched and prayed... The shark swam the opposite way of Akio and then out of the blue dolphins surrounded Akio and brought him back to shore. Good ole Akio he gets out of the water sooooo excited, he says "Lani, dolphins,dolphins ,dolphins!!" LOL he never saw the shark, he never knew just how close that beautiful animal came to him.. I am an island gal....


Have you ever done something so dumb, so profoundly stupid that you wonder how you manage to survive on this planet day after day? Today while the dolphins swam around me five and six deep, so close i had to watch my arms, so I didnt get in the way. While they played around me and turned and swam in BEAUTIUFUL side to side harmony with each other I accidentally TURNED my CAMERA OFF!! I got the shutter button and the OFF button confused ! I cannot even begin to tell you the shots I missed. *sigh* All i could do was shake my head and try to take more pictures but I knew I had managed to really do something really DUMB. Those white particles you see in the pictures? well, those things show up once in a while, they are translucent and they STING! So not only did I miss some great pictures, I was also in agony, there wasnt a spot on my body that wasnt on fire. I was feeling pretty foolish, disappointed, dejected and sore as i watched the dolphins swim away.... The funny thing is the wor