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Where i live there are rainbows

When mom first moved onto Hauola Ave she had no idea the rainbows she saw from her porch were a sign that moms life was about to change.This song has long been a favorite of moms. I want you guys to know i love you each so much and the reason mom was born was to give birth to each of ur lives not for what you know but for what you donot know, give to the universe all the positive you can and watch the world changed for you. All the things you can buy are not as important nor as lasting as all the free gifts the universe has already given you !! At night when mom sits on the porch she sees falling stars, those are harder to catch on camera !!!!!The sights the universe provides for us though often ignored are without a doubt ,the most magnificent gifts we as humans have been given !!! LIVE LAUGH LOVE!!!!
i love driftwood!!! the simple fact that a piece of a tree left discarded by humans or nature, soaking in the salty sometimes hostile environment of the ocean, only to be thrust up on shore, by magnificent waves, more beautiful than when it entered the water really appeals to me and oddly enough parallels real life!! I found such a piece yesterday. I picked it up off the sand, set it upright, made it my own, and then carted it home to set on my front walkway,a reminder that beauty has to more than skin deep if we are going to survive!! I give a thumbs up to the lifegaurds at the bay who dont laugh at the crazy lady dragging a tree up the beach !!! Live Laugh Love!!!!

missing yeller

I have always had cats. From my youngest memories to present i have loved the freedom and independent spirit that a cat lives his life by. Every once in a while i have come across a cat that just steals my heart. my yell er was such a cat, he appeared out of nowhere and stayed awhile,he was here for over a year, then 2 weeks ago he left. We have looked and looked called and called, no yell er.We all miss him, including the two cats left behind, Mupples and momma kitty{pics included above} I can only hope he found a home that cares about him as much as all of us here did !!!

Christmas Joy

MOMs boss Roy really isnt a Christmas decoration kinda guy but i got the tree up anyway. I love Christmas!!! Live Laugh Love. well I put my reindeer ears on at work and im ready to go !!! I do wish you kids were small again, lol only at Christmas, Santa is such a nice thing to imagine and dream about. It was pouring rain yesterday and I sat and watched the tree last nite and I thought how truly blessed i have been as a person. A warm dry roof over my head and healthy children!!! It is Christmas all year long !!! I love u guys!!

dental Day off.. lol

moms tooth hurt so bad yesterday that i took the day off. i went and sat on the beach . The Dentist is taking care of it tomorrow. I look forward to getting MY TEETH all taken care of. The waves at the beach were beautiful, but mom stayed out. Too big. I took video of footprints in the sand , it look like the person - mermaid went from feet to fins right there on the beach !!!! LOL. LIVE,LAUGH,LOVE

Above SEA level

ITs hard to belive i spent the first half of my life away from the water. It was my ex-husband Jesse whose life around the water introduced me to the life i now live daily. Although he and I parted ways I have NEVER left my life in or around the water behind. They say ALLLL things happen for a reason, this for me is living proof..... LIVE LAUGH LOVE.


one of my friends stopped by my work place with his new car. Now i have 3 passions.... my children, the ocean, and fast cars !!!!! Although swimming with the dolphins has made me WAY more aware about my carbon footprint, i have still to PUT down the PASSION for a FAST American car!!! I am a work in progress.... This car is the same car, different color of the car on the new show KNIGHT RIDER. The youtube video on the righthand side of my blog page is the music version of this video. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>