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An Unchanging Gift.

George Clooney plays the role of a part Hawaiian/part Haole in his latest movie "The Descendants". He does an okay job , I liked the movie. The word "Haole" is a MUCH misrepresented, misused, maligned word. It is simply the word Hawaiians used for "Caucasian" . I use the word "Haole" loving and descriptively. I received a gift the other day... I was working and Mr. Z dropped by. I met Mr. Z and his wife at work. I thought he was a Haole man,until he spoke.  His words delivered with precision and correct enunciation, Mr Z is a well educated soft spoken man, but his words i noticed right away, were released with a soft breeze attached to them... "Mr Z", I asked. "What nationality are you?". He looked at me softly and spoke my name, it came floating out thru the air, the Hawaiian trade winds pronouncing my name "Leilani"    " I am Haole, Hawaiian" "OHHHH" i smiled. Many years

The Heat

We are moving right on into summer...the sun intensifies here in the islands and it turns up the heat.... one good thing about a stronger sun, the water turns an amazing blue and green and purple..... the stronger sun that turns up the heat, beats down and thru and into even the early morning water, giving the appearance of divine conversations going on... Even with the heat, it is good to finally see the summer..........

Can or Cannot

 5/2/12... I saw him as soon as i hit the sand... tooooo far up on the rocky shoreline he was stuck... hed been there for awhile.... he was grey white, his neck stretched out limp, his head hanging at an odd angle. OMG!!!!! i dropped my bag, my camera , my towel and went running towards him...I yelled to the two young adults standing near him, "IS HE ALIVE?" for i trully thought this Big beautiful turtle was dead... "yes" the small framed gal answered, "He moved when i splashed water on him"... I moaned inwardly... "NONONO" i said "we HAVE to put him back near the shoreline"... I had on my gators so i went flyin over the sharp black lava rocks... I was a baby goat over the smooth slick sandstone... "Please I said to the two young adults, "help me". They hesitated... its illegal to touch these guys, but that wasnt what was wrong.. they were scared.. I said" He wont hurt you , and i bent down and lifted one side of

Heiau At Makapu'u

The ancient Hawaiians built their places of worship(Heiau's) in some of the most beautiful locations... Makapu'u means "Bulging eyes" and that is exactly what mine where doing when i was here at this Heiau this weekend... It was absolutely stunning! It had been years since I had been out to this part of Oahu. The very Eastern tip of the island. There is no doubt, that the ancient Hawaiians appreciated Beauty.. What else could you, in all good conscience build here, but a place of worship? It is Kapu(forbidden) to step into these places... the strangest things can happen if you do! I am a superstitious Hawaiian gal.....

A Rainbow Following

Here in the Islands our rainbows are many... these rainbows I captured on Sunday, in just a few hours... .... Its easy if you are not careful to just get used to seeing them.. On this morning I noticed a rainbow moving off ,following the rain...  I had to smile.. We ALL have rain come into our lives.... BUT if we use GRATITUDE as our sun... we could end up with rainbows following our rain...... What a great teacher Mother Nature is..........................................