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Harmony, Joy and Love

That second point in background, where the tall trees are, is where I started. Usually I have my binoculars,they are a must when scanning shorelines, but today I had forgotten mine. I stood way down there looking up the shoreline and i knew the three small bumps I saw on shore were not rocks, so i started walking. Walking on sand for a distance can be grueling but this stretch of beach here is beautiful, so the walk goes quickly. The TV show LOST was based here that's how beautiful this stretch is. I finally arrived and I was so glad I made the walk.. 3 turtles..all spaced on the sand in equal distances, the biggest turtle at the top, the smallest turtle at the far end. It reaffirmed what has become so obvious to me about nature. That harmony is a daily part of all wildlife big and small. I noticed when I got here that 2 guys where swimming in the water, bouncing around playing just having fun. They got real quiet when I laid down on the sand and started taking pictures. I looke


This picture is not too good... I was in a hurry to get that plastic cup OUT of the Ocean. AN inner ear issue keeps me from diving more that 4 feet deep, and this cup was at least in 8 feet of water.. I swam back to shore... found a 4 foot piece of driftwood lying on the beach... swam back out .. dove down,grabbed the cup with the stick... Flew back up to the surface..... EUREKA! i had it! That plastic cup is no longer in the Ocean. After that the day was calm... turtles and blue water.... The water is not real clear I continue to wait, in between life's EUREKA moments!

Land of the Rain

I am sorry for the lack of underwater blogs. For weeks now the island of Oahu has been subject to not just rain, but torrential rains... The water from the mountains flowing with a vengeance into the sea..You can't see your hand in front of your face under water. Not good... I was practically screaming at the estuary that flows into Waimea Bay a couple of mornings ago... Early.. just me screaming... "WHY? WHY?" The rainbow that appeared was my answer....I am an island gal, waiting for the Land of the Rain to return to normal.....