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Really Real....

Hes a regular customer at my workplace....he lives his life with an " intellectual disability"  his speech slow, stuttered, sometimes hard to decipher. I saw him early one morning sitting across the table from another man... they were eating breakfast..  I approached the table as a protector... always seeing my regular customer alone, his companion stirred a protective note in me... I introduced myself to the stranger  and found myself looking into eyes i have  only seen a few times before... they were  sky blue with white clouds ... I looked to my regular customer and smiled...I said to the stranger...." Did you know this gentleman across from you is an angel?"  The stranger looked at me and smiled... I got the idea i had seen this stranger before, somewhere, someplace and i said so... he just smiled.... I continued sharing with both men  a moment in my life that i will never forget....     " i met a woman one day standing on the s