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Quiet Awe

Videographer I am not... this turtle comes ashore... tired... ready for the sun... (sorry its blurry, the sun was really bright!) Ive seen alot on the shorelines, but this big mans quiet awe of the turtle that had just come ashore took my breath away... This man stayed for awhile, just sat and watched this turtle. What a joy it was watching both of them! I am an island gal.......

A Good Island Gal

As you might well tell from this post, I still cant see the hand in front of my face underwater. But the island of Oahu is a green I have not seen in many years! Picking these pineapple is considered stealing so after taking pictures in this field i went to the store to buy one. I sure was tempted to have one straight out of the field BUT...... I am a good island gal......... lolol..

Then Sings My Soul

ive seen this Palm tree a million times on the way to Waimea Bay. I have often thought,man, that tree is beautiful against the sky.. This mornin I stopped.. NOTHING prepared me for the sun rising over the mountains... nothing.. "Then sings my soul..." 7-10-11 sunrise on the North Shore

Knock me off my Feet...

I love watching the sky during sunrise. The colors change every second almost and its a constant surprise, every morning. This morning was no different... BUT... What this cloud changed into almost knocked me off my feet. I am a humbled island gal......