The Splash

The water in the Bay has calmed down enough for me to swim into the big cave at the bay.

I enter the crystal clear water of a little bay that's sits within the Big bay and made my way toward the cave. The tides are still high, the ocean not quite ready for the low low tides of summer.

I enter the big cave that is still partially filled with water. The tide is pushing me in and out of the cool cave like a ride at the carnival! In and out... in and out of the cave, all the while I'm trying like crazy to get a picture from the inside of the cave looking out.

It was on my 20Th trip with the tide back into the cave that I heard the splash behind me. Now, for me a splash behind me causes my heart to immediately start racing. Why? well when sharks feed they have a certain tail movement that causes a splash. I hear the splash and my brain goes into overdrive, "LANI", my brain screams, "DON'T look back,just swim to shore".. i feel my legs getting weak.. "LANI don't panic" my brain continues to yell. "Lani don't look ... I turn around and then i start to giggle..

A surfer lost his board to the BIG, MASSIVE waves this winter, this is all that is left of that board. I was soooo relieved and yet so in awe of the ocean i love so much.

I swam back to the beatup board, grabbed a hold of it and brought it to shore! I was ever so grateful that this board was the cause of The Splash!

I am an island gal.....


Wow, u always seem to have some sort of excitement don't u? lol... Was your friend there?
Leilani Tresise said…
i am Chrissy, the drama Queen!! =0D
nope no turtles or dolphins were there. Just a beat up board that doesnt speak! sigh.. that board scared the monkey out of me =0D
I can imagine that moment. Not the most pleasant. Seeing that your first thought was shark, do you have lots of sharks there?
Is is important that you look next time. Sharks hate confrontation and by facing one you can scare it off. Punching it with your camera should it accidentally get too close would help even more (plus you might get a really cool picture).
Barry said…
Be careful out there!

But, of course you are, you're and Island Gal, and you know your way around.
Leilani Tresise said…
yes Fire .. on the north shore.. big tiger sharks..

OMG DON! i am such a chicken!! Don if i have to hit a shark with my camera I BETTER get a picture!! Thank you Don for this! I know you know first hand what a shark attack is like. I condider your comment a piece of very wise information!

Thank you Barry ! I will !
Nancy said…
I know exactly how you feel. Many years ago I was on a boat sailing between Lanai and Maui when we were caught in the doldrums. Over the side I went for a cool swim. There was a rope trailing off the end of the sailboat and I grabbed hold. But then my mind started playing the "dum,dum,dum,dum" from the movie Jaws, and I realized I looked like a nice piece of fishing bait. Needless to say I was up and out of the water. Not sure if there was a shark or not, but decided my spidey sense should be acknowledged. :-)
Leilani Tresise said…
LOLOL Nancy.. Its amazing how that song from that movie can play in our minds!!!
Oh my soul. What a scare... and that by a broken up surfboard. I am so glad is was not a shark.

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