Mini Me

Its about 4:30 in the afternoon. The clouds had hugged the island all day long. We were done swimming, it was chilly. My granddaughter steps up to the edge of where the grass meets the sand. I stared at her standing, watching the water.I quickly clicked this picture. She is just like her grandma.... it is never enough just to watch the ocean.... it calls to us... "Come to Me", "Come to me". We miss the Ocean even when we are standing next to her. We must swim, we must feel the sea. So we gaze lovingly at her when we MUST stay dry.

This will always be one of my favorite pictures... The gift of our grandchildren begins with the insight as to how WE were as children. The gift never ends... always changing our grandchildren are perfect pictures of OUR childhood.

I am adopted, I have no relatives other than my children and now my grandchildren. To see this little girl, soooo in love with the Ocean at 5, I have come to understand that the love of the Ocean flows in my blood, and now in her blood as well. From one generation to the next, we have been standing, gazing lovingly at the sea.

YEARS from now one of my greatgreatgrandchildren will be standing ,gazing, a "mini me" of great great grandma who so loved the sea.. what an incredible gift.

I am an Ocean loving island gal......


You are setting such a wonderful example to your grand daughter

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