Returning Home

It is time for me to return to the North Shore full time. It is at Waimea Bay on the North Shore of Oahu, that I sit and wait for the tell tale ripples of water that signal the DOLPINS have arrived!

The water calming down from the massive winter waves that just a few weeks ago pounded this side of the island, i return to her shores full time with glee!

I will be subjected to the teasing of the regulars at the Bay who jokingly say, "Wheres the dolphins, Lani?"

I always say in my mind, "There are far worse places I would need to wait!" LOLOL.

This weekend the Bay gave a sneak performance of how magnificent her waters will be!

Clear beautiful water, clean beautiful sand, the sun creating stain glass window like patterns on the sandy sea floor.

And if that isn't enough the days of spring and summer on the North shore of Oahu, end with sunsets that are just magic!


Lori ann said…
It is so beautiful. I hope you can stay there full time. everytime i'm there i wish that time would stand still.
Leilani, i wonder if you wouldn't mine emailing me, i looked for your email and couldn't find it. there is something re dolphins i think you would really love, i'd like to share it with you,
x lori
Its hard to believe how clear your water is compared to over here. The viz is awesome. I can also think of a couple of other waiting places that could be worse. Wish I could pull up a chair next to your's.
Barry said…
I can imagine enjoying a lengthy wait on the beach.

In fact that's what I usually call my vacation.
gorgeous!.. the turtles look like they are soaring in the water.. love the sunset pic!.
Nancy said…
I love the North Shore! Beautiful pics.
Crazyfox said…
I see you've been in the cave again.....I can only wish now ...
Leilani Tresise said…
thank you Lori! Fire i would enjoy the company.. theres nothing like good conversation while you wait!

LOLOL Barry! u should see me trying to get to work after my days off!! comedy!

Thank you Chrissy and Nancy!
Leilani Tresise said…
Dave that is the little cave NEXT to the big cave! amazing isnt is! the waves knocked the sand from this side of the beach and voila this was there. her roof is gone but she is an identical cave to the big one right next to her!

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