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Out My Front Door

No matter where we live, nature surrounds us. I probably walked by this tree in my front yard a thousand times and never saw the butterflies.. SHAME on ME!

The Butterfly and the Bougainvillea Tree.

I am an island gal...

Sneak Peak

I guess you can tell my little beach mobile has been repaired and i am on the road again! I thought i would give you a first look at the new spot i have found to swim in.

The water is still tooooo winter cloudy but this weekend may be promising! You will be the first to see what is under the water here at the place i call Paradise2...

I am an island gal..

Angels and a Lesson!

Ive always called these Angel Fish... their correct name is" Moorish Idols".I actually got a picture of them yesterday! Usually they take one look at me and are down the ocean highway!

They are such beautiful fish! Their colors just pop out at you! A Big Thank you my local friends Don Bloom and Vernon Enriques who taught me their correct name!

A big M A H A L O to William Kapaku Jr who brought the song that plays on this page to my attention!

I am a " constantly learning" island gal!

The Faces of a Hawaiian Sunrise..

I get to where im going while its still dark.. I just dont want to miss any part of the many faces of a sunrise. In winter the skies just explode! All of these picture belong to the SAME sunrise!

I am an island gal.....


Disney has been building a hotel out on the west side of the island..Disney is calling it Hawaiian it means "messenger of a chief"... yesterday this sight stopped me dead in my tracks. Its really is starting to look like Disney.

I tried to get in but they have all construction openings guarded! Shucks.. i wanted to see if Mickey Mouse was in house yet!

I will keep you posted.. sooner or later Mickey WILL show up!

Little Spider, Big Spider..

After several weeks of my beachmobile being ill, she is up and about and running magnificently! Yesterday after work I headed out to the middle of the island to see what sunset had in store .

We are full into winter weather here, so the skies were cloudy and gray.. I didn't care, I was going anyway!

I notice i spend alot of time in the bushes taking pictures, whether I am at the ocean or not, I can always find a bush I need to stand in to get the picture I want.

Yesterday was no different I found myself again crawling thru the bushes! I accidentally ran into a spider web. ( I sooo dislike that feeling) I just happened to see the spider, he immediately became busy busy repairing what i had messed up.

I clicked this picture and then for unknown reasons dropped my camera, lens first in the mud....

When i got home I took a look at the picture I took. Do you see the WEB the clouds are making?? ( Laughing ) Well no I wonder i dropped my camera! Big spider in the sky had his eye on little…

Wait for the Light

It was still dark and I was in an area I was not familiar with. This area for many years had been for "Military Personal Only" but had since been open to the public. Bouncing down the dirt road, just me in my little beach mobile, the thought did occur to me that I had "lost my mind".

I knew the ocean was to the right of me, so I parked the car. Once out of the car I realized that it was so dark, if I walked away from my car I'd never find it again.

I stood there for a few minutes, clutching on to the open door of my little car, afraid to let it go. The little light on inside of my car was the only light I had. Standing there i mumbled," NOW I KNOW you have lost your marbles!"

I was there for the sunrise and almost as soon as thoughts of my mental soundness left me, the pale pink and blue light of dawn began.

"OKAY, we are in business here" I uttered and started up over the small sand mound that had appeared in front of me.

There are times when m…

Woe is Me?

My Little beachmobile is in need of repair.

The mechanics that work on her said, " Leilani, park that car and don't use it till we get it fixed".

Well,I was devastated!

I just was overwhelmed with.... "WHY ME?", "POOR ME" , "WOEEEE IS ME".

I found my self walking around my house in a funk, I'm not used to being indoors,stationary,inactive...

Then I just happened to look out my front window...

This rainbow hanging perfect out my front window created a jolting crystal clear perspective for me.....

There is NO "Woe is me", just......

Thank you!

I am an island gal....