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Swimming in Circles.

The day before I headed back to the North shore, I went west and had the funniest thing happen..

This turtle for whatever reason started swimming in a circle around me. In all my time in the water I have never had a turtle circle me. LOLOL..

I thought, " He is having a grand ole time watching the human swim in a circle!!"

When i first started taking pictures underwater I didn't think turtles had different personalities. I have come to learn they do and i so enjoy meeting the comedians!

LOLOL.... I am an island gal....

Returning Home

It is time for me to return to the North Shore full time. It is at Waimea Bay on the North Shore of Oahu, that I sit and wait for the tell tale ripples of water that signal the DOLPINS have arrived!

The water calming down from the massive winter waves that just a few weeks ago pounded this side of the island, i return to her shores full time with glee!

I will be subjected to the teasing of the regulars at the Bay who jokingly say, "Wheres the dolphins, Lani?"

I always say in my mind, "There are far worse places I would need to wait!" LOLOL.

This weekend the Bay gave a sneak performance of how magnificent her waters will be!

Clear beautiful water, clean beautiful sand, the sun creating stain glass window like patterns on the sandy sea floor.

And if that isn't enough the days of spring and summer on the North shore of Oahu, end with sunsets that are just magic!

"Lady, you're kidding, Right?"

Our ocean reefs are rather fragile things.

When I am in the water I do not walk on a reef and I am very careful what I touch.

Im my quest to get a closer look at this turtle, I had to gyrate my body in several different ways.

The look on this turtles face says it all.

" Lady you're kidding , right???" LOLOLOL

I am an island gal......

Worth the Wait

I spend hour upon hour waiting for my dolphin friends to enter shallow waters.

Some times I think I have lost my mind waiting like I do.

Then days like this Monday happen and i know that my waiting has been well worth it!

i was so excited half the pod swam past me before I pulled my camera out of my suit!

LOLOL I am an island gal.....


I saw the color purple on the reef. But this deep purple was part red.

I walked over to get a closer look and was delighted to see a seaweed growing that i havent seen in 7 years.

This red seaweed looks like a tiny little fern.. and it is as SOFT as velvet!

My daughter and i found this seaweed growing in a cave years ago and I have been looking for it ever since!

I sat down softly on the reef.. stretched my legs out and rested my feet gently on the plant...


LOLOL... i am an island gal........

There is this Tree...

The shade it provides is indescribable.... no cars are allowed back here anymore.. bet you this tree was part of the reason.. to live under this tree would be pure magic..

This tree stands over the beach i call heaven. It looks just as magnificent from in the it does when I'm standing on solid ground...

Its the same any angle you look at it.. Magnificent.. I think its a Banyan tree.. although another person said monkey pod.. I stand under the tree and see the roots stretching from the branches of the tree, to the ground. I think its a Banyan tree.

and then there is the red fern seaweed growing on the rocks....

Ill tell you about that later....

Its just heaven...

i am an island gal.....

Old and New

I have to park my car and walk 10 minuntes to get to the beach I call heaven... on the way back to my car on Saturday I was struck by this view...

In the background the ultra modern waterfalls of the Koolina Golf course~~~ street lights, paved road....

In the foreground... a railroad track a hundred years old at least...The Hawaiian Railroad was used to haul sugar cane and carry passengers and almost circled the whole island!

Then it occurred to me that this train in old Hawaii, took people to within STEPS of the beach i call Heaven...

I think in the new Hawaii....we goofed! We should of kept the train..... dumped the cars!

i am an island gal....

Rendered Goofy

It was raining where i lived on Saturday... I headed west..

The little beach i call heaven?

Was just that...

You can see in the third picture not one footprint in the sand..

I have to be careful swimming here... the currents that run thru the water here are strong and fast.

Being human means i am the only one who is rendered goofy by the currents.. turtles seem to manage just fine~

i am an island gal.....


It was rough all weekend on the North Shore.

Winds here on the island of Oahu have been howling! That wind kicks the ocean up and she becomes miles and miles of white tipped water! Its amazing but when the whales leave sometime in April THAT'S when the waters start to calm down.

I took the first two pictures at Kaiaka State Park on the North Shore. There are much prettier parks here on Oahu but this park has "THE ROCK".

"THE ROCK" is called Pohaku O Lana'i and it has served two purposes in history. The ancient Hawaiians used this as a place of worship. They believed worshiping here made them spear proof from their enemies. Later this rock was used as a bell. Fishermen would hit this rock with a stick to let others know the fish were in, come catch them !

As much as i wanted too I did not test the rock for its bell like qualities. Why? Well, this is ANOTHER place where you can hear a pin drop! It is amazing!

The Hawaiians seemed to have chosen quiet places as …