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Progress and the Pineapple

As a child the ride to the ocean always included the view of row after row of pineapple plants. Fields as far as you could see. If you stopped by the side of the road to watch the hundreds of workers harvesting the field you could make a sure bet that they would stop work and hand you a fresh picked pineapple. Picking pineapples for a summer job was the accepted means by teens for earning cash while school was out.

Those days are long gone here on Oahu and there is only a few fields of pineapples left on the road to the ocean. The days of hundreds of kids working those fields are long gone. I was so surprised to see these guys on the field working i stopped and took a picture. Its been awhile since i have seen anyone working a field on the way to the ocean.

I wonder if there had been pineapples on those plants, would they have stopped working and handed me a fresh picked pineapple? .... sigh.. I know one thing about progress, it has for some reason stopped the process of giving. I am a…

Not In The Mood.

This big turtle was SO funny. He swam by me with a purpose in mind.

I wondered,"Where is he going?"

I quess he just wasn't up to entertaining ANYONE... LOL... He laid under this rock and didn't move. Poor guy, he probably wonders what all the fuss is about. He is just a turtle. LOL ....

A Humble Thank You

My daughter and her husband and my granddaughter Malia live in Boston, but this week they are on vacation in Florida.
I recieved a call from her 2 days ago and she was really upset. She said ,"Mom, i think the dolphins at Disney are not happy. This one dolphin was banging his pen trying to get out to play with the others. I dont like to see dolphins in captivity,Mom". She proceeded to take a picture of this dolphin and knowing my daughter I dont think she realized what a great picture she took. This beautiful dolphin and those like it have given their lives for our enjoyment and education.
The dolphins in captivity right now have been born and bred in captivity. They have no clue on how to live like their wild brothers and sisters . Releasing them would mean certain death. They donot know what a shark is, they associate humans with food and they also have no clue on how to hunt for food.
I ask my daughter to humbly in her mind THANK these captive dolphins who educate and ent…

The River

This satellite picture shows the Waimea Valley River flowing into the ocean. This is NOT an all year occurance , rather a once a year during the heavy rains , mother nature at her finest occassion. Problem is the dolphins donot like the fresh water mixed with the salt water.

Since the whole Bay becomes involved in this proccess, the dolphins if they are in the area, will swim right by the Bay, never stopping.

Such was the case on Saturday, i saw the dorsal fins, i saw them leaping out of the water,I knew they wouldnot stop, but ever hopeful, i scrambled into the water anyway. I started singing and splashing, breathless ,swimming my heart out. I noticed the people on shore standing, they saw them too, most people on shore donot see them till they are close so i knew if the people on shore saw them they were getting closer!!
Then BAM, they sense the water change and they are GONEEEEE.. sigh.... and so my wait continues......

Work or Beach ?

WORK.... necessary for survival.. quality of life... and general well being. There are good places to work and bad places to work. I figure the people in the two pictures below probably have one of those GREAT places to work !!!

This satellite shot shows just where these two job sites are !!!! LOL What a way to spend a WORK day !!! {click on the shot to make the image bigger}.
I would not GET a thing done all day... id be too busy watching the i am an island girl.

Little Cats

I am rather a clean freak ,so its been quite a while since i've had an indoor pet. I quess with the loss of my outdoor big cat YELLER, i am in a soft state and so i have kittens ...

this is Shadow... male, brilliant white with black spots, he eats and sleeps and acts like a little cat.

This is Machwa his brother. He doesnot sleep or act like a little cat. I have NO clue what he thinks he is... i will keep you posted.

LIVE, Laugh,Love.

A Little Rough

The coral underwater, alive but stationary... the fish..swimming back and forth slow and lazy... their colors vivid,matching, in spite of contrast,so beautiful, so peaceful...

MEANWHILE.. i am being tossed like a rag doll .. this big massive rock coming at me fast, as a wave takes me furiously to shore! I am out of breath just thinking about it.
and so i spend ANOTHER glorious day in the ocean.... lol. I am an island girl

Silver and Blue

DIVING head first.....

into the BLUE of the OCEAN....

surrounded by SILVER FISH....

Just makes you feel like your at a ...



The blue fish in the first picture is a parrot fish or as Hawaiians call it, an UHU. They are hard to get a picture of in the open. They run under a rock at the slightest move. I was so intent on getting a picture of this fish I NEVER saw the turtle in the bottom right hand corner, till I got home and was looking at the picture!!!!

Lucky for me this little guy came crusin by right in front of me!!! He sure was cute!!

In the midst of all this I hear a Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, i thought OH FOR PETES SAKE, theres a BOAT coming !!!! NOPE it had an engine, but it wasnt a boat, it was a DIVER with a motorized swimming apparatus. **sigh** somedays yah just wanna SCREAM!! LOL...... i am an island girl............

The House that Elvis Built.

Not far from where I work here on the island, there sits two big US military bases . Because of this I see alot of men and women, in the military, their last names sewn on patches on the left side of their uniforms.

A couple days ago a young man came into the store with the name PRESLEY stamped across the left side of his uniform. I said,"WOW!!, now that's a last name !!" He said, in the thickest southern drawl that i have heard in a long time,"YES MA'AM," I said ,"Are you related to ELVIS", he said,"YES ma'am, he was a cousin on my daddy's side."

I smiled at him and thought what a small world we really live in !!! I then told him, "Did you know Elvis built a house here?" His eyes lite up and he said."No Ma'am i didnt ". So I told him where it was and how to get there!!!!

The house that Elvis Presley built sits on the side of the mountain, on the north shore of the island of Oahu, overlooking the Ocean. I…