The blue fish in the first picture is a parrot fish or as Hawaiians call it, an UHU. They are hard to get a picture of in the open. They run under a rock at the slightest move. I was so intent on getting a picture of this fish I NEVER saw the turtle in the bottom right hand corner, till I got home and was looking at the picture!!!!

Lucky for me this little guy came crusin by right in front of me!!! He sure was cute!!

In the midst of all this I hear a Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, i thought OH FOR PETES SAKE, theres a BOAT coming !!!! NOPE it had an engine, but it wasnt a boat, it was a DIVER with a motorized swimming apparatus. **sigh** somedays yah just wanna SCREAM!! LOL...... i am an island girl............


Firefly said…
I really get jealous when I see the pics you take when snorkling. It really seems that you have some great spots around there to hit the water and just relax.
leilani said…
I love it Fire! lol i get the same feelings when i see ur animal shots !!!!

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