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Scared and Alone

I started a new project: From time to time I will post it here. It will be about my swimming with the dolphins and how my life has changed because of it.. I call it Living in the Light. =0)

The alarm goes off and I roll over groaning. The bed is clean and warm, the night has gone by too fast.  It takes a minute but my mind slowly recognizes that I, Leilani live on  Planet Earth. =0) I then become aware that it is another morning that I awaken alone.  The relationship that I had been in for the past 8 years recently came to an end and I find myself fighting back the pulse rising feeling of fear that is slowly taking over my body.  My thoughts flip to another time I felt the same feeling.

IT was another normal day at the Bay for me. It had been a couple of weeks since my BIG DOLPHIN ecounter and I was in the bay swimming and swimming , just playing like I usually did. I thought I heard dolphins so I looked up and across the water.   What I saw startled me. HUNDREDS of DORSAL FINS! I fel…

Sea of Change

Ive heard the expression "Sea of Change " used many times.

This summer I caught it on film...

Same location , same picture, taken 2 months apart. I did flip the above picture over, but they are the same shot. The cave, now filled with sand was just as much fun for me on this day as it was two months ago filled with water.

For some reason it is comforting to see that nature accepts change with boundless grace and beauty. What a wonderful example it is for all of us to follow.

I am an island gal....

Standing Alone......Thank God for Family!

It has been a rough 2 weeks. There are some minutes in the day that I feel totally and completely alone. I know these feelings will pass with time, its just going thru the changes I must make in my life is a very lonely and scary process. FOR EVERY BAD THING there is A GOOD THING and this weekend my youngest son and his gal Cess, went to the Ocean with me. IT has been years since my newly adult son has sat with me on the beach. It was such a GOOD THING=0)

Seeing my children in the Ocean is always a pleasure to watch, even when they dissappear with my gear and i have to hunt them down in the water to be able to get my STUFF back =0)
It was on my way back from retrieving my gear that I ran into one of the oceans most beautiful creatures.
A Spanish Dancer...
IT looks like a piece of colorful ribbon and it moves like it is dancing in the water. It was swimming all alone happy as can be, looking sooo beautiful in orange against a blue background.
For me standing alone is not an easy thing…

Twist and Turns.

Life is about Twists and Turns and I am going thru a major turn right now... I will be gone for a few weeks .. I will miss you all... =0)

LOVE , JOY and HARMONY to you all.. see you soon .. I am island gal =0)


I get a real case of attitude on days like today.

First off one of the fishermen caught a barracuda. I told him, "If you are NOT going to eat that you need to throw it back in." He looked at me like I was crazy!
I dont see WHY with our grocery selves full, we continue to fish for fun.

AND then I am swimming along and my foot catches on a line in the water . I look down and a fisherman on shore has HOOKED a BIG RAY!!! OKAY my head came out of the water and I am afraid I sounded like a sailor. I thought I was going to be like the croc hunter Steve Irwin and get impaled by a RAY TAIL!!

These pics show the Ray that is hooked. My heart was breaking and I tried to think of ways to help this Ray. He was one really MAD RAY!

The fisherman brought him in and cut the line but the ray STILL has the hook in its mouth!

I was SOOOO fired up i couldnt breath! I came to shore, drug my heavy heart into my chair put my head back, looked into the sky and this is what i saw...

Somebody up there has…

Beauty Blindness

We all know the words color blindness. But Beauty Blindness? I realized the other day in a moment of clarity i sometimes have =0)
That here on the island of Oahu , we name our stores after nature...
We color our walls in colorful murals showing beautiful places..

BUT when the BEAUTY of NATURE shows up.. WE CAN BARELY see it because of ALL the OTHER stuff we seem to need! this streetsign and those streetlights just made me sad when I saw this rainbow appear out of nowhere. I call our need for STUFF Beauty Blindness !

I am an island gal....

Here comes the Waves!

Rounded the corner Monday mornin and the Bay greeted me with WAVES! Well so much for the dolphins and sure enough they swam right on by.LOL
The Winter waves of the North Shore are some of the most beautiful but scariest waves on the planet.
The Locals bring OUT the the BIG POLES and hope the Big fish like to surf!!=0)

One of the lifegaurds took his board out and caught some waves. You can just barely see him on the video. But you sure can hear the surf !

This weekend the water will be flat again and just maybe i will get to say goodbye to the dolphins. But on this day the ocean sent a small reminder to us all, HERE COMES THE WAVES!