Here comes the Waves!

Rounded the corner Monday mornin and the Bay greeted me with WAVES! Well so much for the dolphins and sure enough they swam right on by.LOL
The Winter waves of the North Shore are some of the most beautiful but scariest waves on the planet.
The Locals bring OUT the the BIG POLES and hope the Big fish like to surf!!=0)

One of the lifegaurds took his board out and caught some waves. You can just barely see him on the video. But you sure can hear the surf !

This weekend the water will be flat again and just maybe i will get to say goodbye to the dolphins. But on this day the ocean sent a small reminder to us all, HERE COMES THE WAVES!


Crazyfox said…
I use to take my metal detector to the bay right after a storm...Found plenty...Storm waves would take about 6 inches of sand off the top at first and coins and rings would sometime be visible without the hobby and clean the beach as well.
Tami said…
Oh I so needed that video tonight. Pictures of the ocean and sound of the surf! Perfect.
Firefly said…
It sounds like your bay changes with the seasons. The local surfers must like the winter waves though, but I'm sure you get frustrated not being able to swim with your finned friends.
leilani said…
Dave, someone just found a 1 carat diamond ring..I feel though for the people who lose their stuff ! Tami in a few weeks i will post a longer video. I thought the same thing! Fire, this day brought out Kelly Slater and more pros who are now here waiting for the BIG BOYS to arrive =0)
Tami said…
I'll be waiting for that.....I'll clear my schedule for at least five minutes and just enjoy!!!!!

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