Standing Alone......Thank God for Family!

It has been a rough 2 weeks. There are some minutes in the day that I feel totally and completely alone. I know these feelings will pass with time, its just going thru the changes I must make in my life is a very lonely and scary process. FOR EVERY BAD THING there is A GOOD THING and this weekend my youngest son and his gal Cess, went to the Ocean with me. IT has been years since my newly adult son has sat with me on the beach. It was such a GOOD THING=0)

Seeing my children in the Ocean is always a pleasure to watch, even when they dissappear with my gear and i have to hunt them down in the water to be able to get my STUFF back =0)
It was on my way back from retrieving my gear that I ran into one of the oceans most beautiful creatures.
A Spanish Dancer...
IT looks like a piece of colorful ribbon and it moves like it is dancing in the water. It was swimming all alone happy as can be, looking sooo beautiful in orange against a blue background.
For me standing alone is not an easy thing, may i do it with as much grace, strength and color as the Spanish Dancer.

I am an island gal...


Tami said…
A Spanish Dancer....I've never even heard of one...let alone seen one. How lovely!
Firefly said…
I have never seen or heard of it either, but will go and do some research to see what exactly it is. How great it must have been seeing it. I wish I can go snorkling with you one day. Or even just sit on the beach with you having a chat.
robert said…
Living about 3,000 miles away from my parents makes it hard to see them often, most contact through the internet, exchanging e-mails, photography etc. - however, sometimes even this is hard, as there is always the bitter-sweet taste of distance, making it some days impossible to write a single line, nevertheless, would like to reasure you, that kids are thinking about their family on a constant base.
leilani said…
Tami and Fire.. If you google Spanish Dancer I think you can find more info =0)

Robert, I bet ur parents miss you alot! You are a one of a kind awesome person!
What an incredible creature. I have never heard of it, or seen it before. Thanks for sharing - the other two creatures in your photos look kind of amazing also.
leilani said…
LOL A HUMAN ! Thank you! Glad you got a camera on that phone! Africa.. Beauty in its finest form!

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