Scared and Alone

I started a new project: From time to time I will post it here. It will be about my swimming with the dolphins and how my life has changed because of it.. I call it Living in the Light. =0)

The alarm goes off and I roll over groaning. The bed is clean and warm, the night has gone by too fast.  It takes a minute but my mind slowly recognizes that I, Leilani live on  Planet Earth. =0) I then become aware that it is another morning that I awaken alone.  The relationship that I had been in for the past 8 years recently came to an end and I find myself fighting back the pulse rising feeling of fear that is slowly taking over my body.  My thoughts flip to another time I felt the same feeling.

IT was another normal day at the Bay for me. It had been a couple of weeks since my BIG DOLPHIN ecounter and I was in the bay swimming and swimming , just playing like I usually did. I thought I heard dolphins so I looked up and across the water.   What I saw startled me. HUNDREDS of DORSAL FINS! I felt pulse rising fear  start in my stomach and slowly start to make its way to my throat.  I remember thinking, "If these are NOT dolphins, my life is about to end."

I was all alone out there in the middle of the bay and I was scared. As they got closer to me I recognized them as dolphins and THEN.. the hairs on my arms started to stand up.  As this huge pod of dolphins swam towards me their sonars were scanning me to see what I was and if I was a threat to them. My whole body felt their scrutiny and it was MAGIC.  I started crying, tears streaming down my face and I felt pure joy well up in me.

Three feet away from me now, they  parted right down the middle. Dolphins swam past me on the right, dolphins swam past me on the left. Brown eyes  looked at me in surprising awareness and I was overcome with complete and total awe!  I remember lifting my head upwards ,  and  laughing so loud I think I scared the dolphins! Surely they thought I was a little off! =0)

 Back to the present ,  smiling i climb out of bed and head for the coffee maker. My feeling of fear is gone and has been replaced by a light spirit and a lighter heart.  Fear can be good , it keeps me safe. Shining a light on  my fear can be MAGIC.

Living in the Light......


Anonymous said…
Long ago I read that every sixth wave is bigger than those five before, seems as if currently time forgets about a hand full of numbers and counts only number 6. But then again it might be a chance to get enough water around, or beneath the keel, in order to start swimming again, hoisting the anchor for good.
All the very best for you, what my mind can think of. Hope to see you again at:
This must have been an absolutely awesome (used in its correct context) experience. I can only try to imagine what it must have been like, being surrounded by dolphins. I have this perception of them as being gentle creatures and you must have felt a great sense of safety being in the center of the school.
leilani said…
Robert, u amaze me ! truly thank u for that! i am usually the one who gets stuck on the top of that 6th wave=0) I have to say its fun! LOL.. tying life to that wave , made my whole month make sense! Thank you!
leilani said…
A Human, it continues to change my life. =0) I have to say ur chip sandwich is on my to do list this weekend! Talk about a great beach food! I will keep you posted. I saw a spexial on South Africa yesterday andf I was spellbound! what a beautiful country!
Hi Leilani, now I am curious. Please tell more about the special. Was it about the people, the politics or nature? I am always inquisitive to find out just what of our land in portrayed in other countries.
leilani said…
A Human .. it was about the diamond business and how the local workers there are now buying their own homes. The mines are magnificent. I dont recall the name of the special but im sure they will play it again and i will pay more attention the title. It was a positive piece about a very beautiful nation!

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