I get a real case of attitude on days like today.

First off one of the fishermen caught a barracuda. I told him, "If you are NOT going to eat that you need to throw it back in." He looked at me like I was crazy!
I dont see WHY with our grocery selves full, we continue to fish for fun.

AND then I am swimming along and my foot catches on a line in the water . I look down and a fisherman on shore has HOOKED a BIG RAY!!! OKAY my head came out of the water and I am afraid I sounded like a sailor. I thought I was going to be like the croc hunter Steve Irwin and get impaled by a RAY TAIL!!

These pics show the Ray that is hooked. My heart was breaking and I tried to think of ways to help this Ray. He was one really MAD RAY!

The fisherman brought him in and cut the line but the ray STILL has the hook in its mouth!

I was SOOOO fired up i couldnt breath! I came to shore, drug my heavy heart into my chair put my head back, looked into the sky and this is what i saw...

Somebody up there has that Ray covered!

I am an island gal


Tami said…
Good stewardship is so hard isn't it. I would certainly hope that if an fish is not going to be eaten that the fisherman would practice good catch and release tactics...but it doesn't look that way does it.

I'm sorry you were upset...a similar situation happened to me a few weeks ago at a local farm...someone treating an animal in a completely unethical way.
Firefly said…
Island Girl, I actually feel your pain, but seeing that rainbow must have lightened your heart. Even though the hook got left behind, at least the ray got away. He could have been left dying on the beach.
I sense your anger... and do not blame you. God intended for us to take care of and manage nature, not misuse and destroy it.

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