Beauty Blindness

We all know the words color blindness. But Beauty Blindness? I realized the other day in a moment of clarity i sometimes have =0)
That here on the island of Oahu , we name our stores after nature...
We color our walls in colorful murals showing beautiful places..

BUT when the BEAUTY of NATURE shows up.. WE CAN BARELY see it because of ALL the OTHER stuff we seem to need! this streetsign and those streetlights just made me sad when I saw this rainbow appear out of nowhere. I call our need for STUFF Beauty Blindness !

I am an island gal....


robert said…
what a beautiful invention you did create - making one 'read' with senses.
Firefly said…
I think its great that you bring nature into the towns and businesses like that, but I agree that there is way to much development around and we often miss the beauty in between.
leilani said…
you know what? there are some days you 2 guys really make my day better! This is one of them =0) Thank you!

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