Work or Beach ?

WORK.... necessary for survival.. quality of life... and general well being. There are good places to work and bad places to work. I figure the people in the two pictures below probably have one of those GREAT places to work !!!

This satellite shot shows just where these two job sites are !!!! LOL What a way to spend a WORK day !!! {click on the shot to make the image bigger}.
I would not GET a thing done all day... id be too busy watching the i am an island girl.


Starlene said…
That's what life should be...watching the waves all day if you want to. : D
What a way to live and work! Your island seems so beautiful. You are so lucky to live there.
Barry said…
That the job I want. Just sit and watch the water.

How much do they pay again?
Anonymous said…
Hi, Leilani! I enjoy your blog very much, especially the music you include. Did you ever receive the email I sent you? Or has your address changed? We spent a month in Honolulu during 2001, and I do so want to go back one day.
Regards, Louise
leilani said…
LOl Barry !! Loulou i donot recall getting email, i will check again=0) please resend.
leilani said…
I agree Star and Human!! I try to remember this while I am paying $9 a gallon for milk!!! LOL... =0)

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