Not In The Mood.

This big turtle was SO funny. He swam by me with a purpose in mind.

I wondered,"Where is he going?"

I quess he just wasn't up to entertaining ANYONE... LOL... He laid under this rock and didn't move. Poor guy, he probably wonders what all the fuss is about. He is just a turtle. LOL ....


Firefly said…
I am just in awe every time I see pic like these from you. We went for a walk by the sea this morning and I though how lovely the water looked for a snorkel and how I would love to visit you and go into the water with you.
leilani said…
thank you Fire!!! Let me know if you are ever here. I will tell you though, Maui and Kauais waters are m uch moremagnificent!! I live on Oahu. it is so populated, its crazy!!

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