A Humble Thank You

My daughter and her husband and my granddaughter Malia live in Boston, but this week they are on vacation in Florida.

I recieved a call from her 2 days ago and she was really upset. She said ,"Mom, i think the dolphins at Disney are not happy. This one dolphin was banging his pen trying to get out to play with the others. I dont like to see dolphins in captivity,Mom".
She proceeded to take a picture of this dolphin and knowing my daughter I dont think she realized what a great picture she took. This beautiful dolphin and those like it have given their lives for our enjoyment and education.

The dolphins in captivity right now have been born and bred in captivity. They have no clue on how to live like their wild brothers and sisters . Releasing them would mean certain death. They donot know what a shark is, they associate humans with food and they also have no clue on how to hunt for food.

I ask my daughter to humbly in her mind THANK these captive dolphins who educate and entertain MILIIONS of people, especially the people in cultures that kill tens of thousands of wild dolphins a year.

I lift my voice now in highest praise for these wonderful creatures whose lives are greatly altered from their natural state. May we as humans never again raid the ocean to catch and capture a wild dolphin for our entertainment. May we honor the original dolphins, who years ago were taken from the ocean and may we always thank their desendants who educate and entertain us in the present.


Firefly said…
We have an Oceanarium at our main Bayworld complex. Many years ago they captured dolphins to populate it. Over the years the dolphins have educated many visitors, both big and small. Some years ago they lost three dolphins in a years period sue to different reasons, both natural and otherwise. Two were left and they had a calf a couple of years back. Dolly died a couple of months later, but through dedication the staff pulled the baby through. Dumisa is now getting to sexual maturity and they can't chance the father and daughter to mate. It hyas now been decided to send the two to a big facility in Hong Kong where they would be incorporated into two different communities. There are plans to upgrade our facility here in Port Elizabeth and a decision will be made on possibly bringing in dolphins from facilities like the one in Hong Kong again.
leilani said…
yes !! that would be awesome. There is no doubt that these dolphins are ambassadors for their wild brothers, sisters and cousins !! Thank you for the info Fire!

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