The River

This satellite picture shows the Waimea Valley River flowing into the ocean. This is NOT an all year occurance , rather a once a year during the heavy rains , mother nature at her finest occassion. Problem is the dolphins donot like the fresh water mixed with the salt water.

Since the whole Bay becomes involved in this proccess, the dolphins if they are in the area, will swim right by the Bay, never stopping.

Such was the case on Saturday, i saw the dorsal fins, i saw them leaping out of the water,I knew they wouldnot stop, but ever hopeful, i scrambled into the water anyway. I started singing and splashing, breathless ,swimming my heart out. I noticed the people on shore standing, they saw them too, most people on shore donot see them till they are close so i knew if the people on shore saw them they were getting closer!!
Then BAM, they sense the water change and they are GONEEEEE.. sigh.... and so my wait continues......


In South Africa we have a couple of rivers that does that, only flow into the sea when they are in flood. Unfortunately, because of housing estate developement at the mouths of some of them, this has become more rare and it is unbelievable what damage tot he ecosystems this causes. Our so-called civilisation! All it is, is the human beings self-centeredness and greed and civil authorities run by the very people who make a profit from these luxury estates. Sad really!
leilani said…
yes ! I agree! We as humans have been given so much beauty and we are bound and determined to make it ugly!!

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