Progress and the Pineapple

As a child the ride to the ocean always included the view of row after row of pineapple plants. Fields as far as you could see. If you stopped by the side of the road to watch the hundreds of workers harvesting the field you could make a sure bet that they would stop work and hand you a fresh picked pineapple. Picking pineapples for a summer job was the accepted means by teens for earning cash while school was out.

Those days are long gone here on Oahu and there is only a few fields of pineapples left on the road to the ocean. The days of hundreds of kids working those fields are long gone. I was so surprised to see these guys on the field working i stopped and took a picture. Its been awhile since i have seen anyone working a field on the way to the ocean.

I wonder if there had been pineapples on those plants, would they have stopped working and handed me a fresh picked pineapple? .... sigh.. I know one thing about progress, it has for some reason stopped the process of giving. I am an island girl.....


Firefly said…
About 120 kilometres east of us is also pineapple country. There is a certain neatness and order to pineapple fields when you see those rows like patterns
Is that the ocean in the background of picture #1? I agree, progress seems to have made people much more self-centred - it is such a pity, makes you wonder if progress is as good as we make it out to be. I mean, look what it has done to nature everywhere!
leilani said…
yes Fire I agree! A human... yes that is the ocean. you will notice the hazey skies? that is volcanic VOG blowing in from the island of Hawaii, or the Big Island as we call it here on Oahu. they have a active volcano . Somedays it is so thick here on Oahu we cannot see the mountains!!

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