The House that Elvis Built.

Not far from where I work here on the island, there sits two big US military bases . Because of this I see alot of men and women, in the military, their last names sewn on patches on the left side of their uniforms.

A couple days ago a young man came into the store with the name PRESLEY stamped across the left side of his uniform. I said,"WOW!!, now that's a last name !!" He said, in the thickest southern drawl that i have heard in a long time,"YES MA'AM," I said ,"Are you related to ELVIS", he said,"YES ma'am, he was a cousin on my daddy's side."

I smiled at him and thought what a small world we really live in !!! I then told him, "Did you know Elvis built a house here?" His eyes lite up and he said."No Ma'am i didnt ". So I told him where it was and how to get there!!!!

The house that Elvis Presley built sits on the side of the mountain, on the north shore of the island of Oahu, overlooking the Ocean. It is a beautiful house , in a beautiful location, built by a man who loved the islands and its people. It has been owned for years now by a family that runs a huge grocery chain here in the islands. They lovingly maintain it and on the outside keep it pretty much how Elvis left it. It felt really good to let someone with the last name PRESLEY know about the house that Elvis built.


Linda S. Socha said…
What a lovely post...I am glad you made this connection
Firefly said…
Wow, what a feeling that must have been. When I started reading I thought he must get it a lot and probably gets irritated, but to find out he is actually related to him. Gooseflesh moment.
leilani said…
Thank u Linda!! Fire I cant remember when i met a young man who was as polite either !!! It was refreshing all the way around.=0)
Lovely story and even lovelier music. Love your blog and the beautiful pictures you post.
slim said…
What a great story. Next time you might ask to take his picture . . . after you figure out the best portrait setting on your new camera of course. This is my first visit . . . thanks for sharing your fascinating part of our world.
leilani said…
Thank you Human kind and Slim !!!

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