I saw the color purple on the reef. But this deep purple was part red.

I walked over to get a closer look and was delighted to see a seaweed growing that i havent seen in 7 years.

This red seaweed looks like a tiny little fern.. and it is as SOFT as velvet!

My daughter and i found this seaweed growing in a cave years ago and I have been looking for it ever since!

I sat down softly on the reef.. stretched my legs out and rested my feet gently on the plant...


LOLOL... i am an island gal........


Barry said…
Often life's simple pleasures are the very best.
I too used to see more of that seaweed than I do now. We have a spot like your top photo of this post where the water rushes out and we ride it like a water slide at an amusement park. I used to ride it more back when the soft seaweed protected me, now I get scratched by the rocks when I ride it.
Anonymous said…
For sure the earth does grow many a thing mankind still does not know, if ever.
Haven't seen anything alike before. Hope that the current vulcano explosion and the resulting cloud of dust and stones won't reach that far to affect.
Please have a wonderful start into the new week.
Firefly said…
I am always amazed at the wide veriety of sea weed that washes up on the beaches. But it is even better to see them growing on rocks and in the sea. Like Barry said, Simple pleasures.
leilani said…
I so agree Barry! =0D

Don i think it grows every 7 or 8 years.. I cant even find a local who knows what it is! I need Sylvia Earle!

Thank you Robert!

I know Fire! the ocean has such an amazing list of simple pleasures!

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